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Blair's 'disaster' statement spreads.

At this mornings press conference in Kabul, Blair said they want 'to stay the course' in Afghanistan, making so much 'progress.'
The people in Afghanistan never asked for this ordeal however. Nor anybody else in this world killed or crushed by the Bush/Blair 'Coalition of the Killing.'

Henk Ruyssenaars, Senior Correspondent,
Foreign Press Foundation, Netherlands


- Nov. 20th - 2006 -

The by CNN and the BBC broadcasted press conference this morning by british PM Tony Blair and Washington's stooge Karzai in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, produced the usual pack of lies again. Both avoided any critical questions, and only spoke about the "progress and reconstruction working so well" in the destroyed country.

When the US junta's war machine attacked Afghanistan it was one of the poorest countries on earth. Now it's even poorer. According to British propaganda channel #1, the BBC, (C)rime Minister Tony Blair has said British troops will stay in Afghanistan until the job is done. He told the news conference he believed the Afghan people deserved the chance to live in a democratic state without being oppressed by the Taleban. "

I want to recommit ourselves to say that we will be with you in this endeavour," he said, after talks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Kabul." The people in Afghanistan never asked for this ordeal however. Nor anybody else in this world killed or crushed by the Bush/Blair 'Coalition of the Killing.'

It was an insult to everybody's intelligence to see and hear both Quislings orate, their flickering eyes betraying they knew they were lying. Afghanistan is like Iraq, and Iraq, as Blair confirmed in an interview with his megaphone David Frost last Friday, 'a disaster.' That's the same as the beleaguered troops in Iraq and Afghanistan told him when Blair earlier visited. It was a shame to hear Blair and Karzai deny all suffering and damage, and as parrots repeat Washington's propaganda about 'increasing prosperity'.


That in any case - as reality shows - is not the prosperity of the people in Afghanistan. Like so many everywhere they suffer and die for it. For the 655.00 estimated deaths in Iraq people want revenge, and even if the US junta's genocides are never mentioned by the war machine's propaganda media, in the US junta's colonies too, they will get it. And they already strike back, which is their legal right and plight.

Speaking from the presidential palace in Kabul, Mr Blair was correct when he said that Afghanistan and its people ''deserve the chance to increase their prosperity and to live in a proper democratic state'', but Blair did not say when the occupying troops which kill, destroy and bleed the country, are leaving. So more legal resistance is growing against the murderous invaders. Contrary to what Blair and Karzai were mouthing, the US/UK policy and troops in Afghanistan and Iraq have destroyed any form of security, reconstruction or development.

They kill human beings for power and profit, and are only alive because of their body guards.

Afghanistan's US made 'president' Karzai said 'progress' was shown by the huge amount of Afghanis returning: "Now they have come back, and more are returning as we talk, from our neighbourhood and from the rest of the world." US Quisling Karzai doesn't want to know nor understands that many Afghanis only came back to kill him and his invading ilk. And when he said 'economy had improved' he is partly correct, and many knowingly nodded their heads. For the invaders, as the New York Times wrote, Afghanistan is a success: "Opium Harvest at Record Level in Afghanistan."*


Earlier, Mr Blair tried to convince 800 British servicemen and women at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan's Helmand province that the job they were doing was positive, even if reality every minute proves the contrary. The UK troops are among a 6,000-strong for 99% brainwashed group, for the US junta's interests fighting the resistance in Afghanistan. Like the Dutch troops who try to survive, with 2.200 men used as cannon fodder. The fact that Dutch troops - like the US, UK, Germans, Israelis etc. have been torturing too and which today should have been debated by the responsible military and political US pimps, is delayed 'so as not to interfere' with Wednesday's (rigged) elections' the responsible war criminals in The Netherlands say about their criminal Afghanistan fiasco. The 'elections' by the way, will not change anything at all in the war criminal and fully illegal Dutch political support of the US war machine. Even if eighty-nine percent (89%) of the Dutch people is against it and wants those war criminals out. Because of the hacked and manipulated 1187 voting computers, those running the country will continue to do so and fully wreck it. Bleed it to death like they have done and are doing to the US and others.

The situation must be quite desperate because Blair has not been around in Afghanistan since shortly after the illegal US war machine's invasion in 2002. So far this year, 38 British troops have been killed in fighting in Afghanistan. By some commentators it's seen as a preparation for the possible war on Iran. Another criminal act based on lies.

Yesterday, Mr Blair was in Pakistan where he and President Pervez Musharraf agreed to keep up the war propaganda. The global war propaganda channel BBC will as usual be used for this, and for the past ten years they only have broadcasted two percent (2%) anti war dissent. There actually is no follower more vile and faithful of the American/Israeli/British war agenda than the BBC, under the PNAC leadership of the BBC's boss and PNAC 'front man' Michael Grady. They are the real war criminals, pulling at the media strings behind the scene, with 'front men' within the media organizations, including - at the top of the BBC - the London Warlords' man Michael Grade. - []


A comprehensive 'Media Tenor' survey of coverage of the illegal Iraq war by the world's 'leading broadcasters' - found that the BBC had given just two (2) per cent to demonstrations or anti-war dissent - less than even American broadcasters like CNN or FOX. A Cardiff University study found no evidence that the BBC was anything but pro-war. Historically, the BBC has always supported the establishment's wars by declaring the status quo (war) neutral and dissent "biased". Propaganda made respectable dominates the very language and tone of news and current affairs. And whatever the BBC today again publishes from the area they help destroying, reality is very different and will haunt the war criminals until their death it is hoped.


The earlier 'fired' Donald Rumsfeld, in his comments concerning Afghanistan, with 'progress' most probably only meant the opium harvest in Afghanistan which now is at record level, as the likewise war mongering and criminal 'New York Times' wrote last September 2nd, in a story from Kabul.*

Business is business, and opium is for the US financiers and dealers much more profitable. Also because the US/NATO war machine's defense of the oil and water pipelines in the by them illegally occupied countries is still quite a problem because of the legal resistance by the people, with the not so profitable production on a pre-war level.

So Rumsfeld and his gang correctly cited progress in Afghanistan: "Afghanistan¹s opium harvest this year has reached the highest levels ever recorded, showing an increase of almost 50 percent from last year, the executive director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Antonio Maria Costa, said in Kabul. He described the figures as ³alarming² and ³very bad news² for the Afghan government and international donors who have poured millions of dollars into programs to reduce the poppy crop since 2001.So much for the 'progress' and 'reconstruction' Blair and Karzai talked about in Kabul.

All their smoke screens and lies: 'War on Terror', 'War on Drugs', 'War on this', and 'War on that' - are only illegal and inhumane actions meant to get rid of the competition. The other drug and warlords who do not belong to, or refuse to comply, with the global US junta's CIA drug cartel to also finance their crimes. Now they run a staggering 92% (ninety-two percent) of the total world supply.

That's what you call progress!

As Bush said: You're for us or against us! And that concerns the US drug and oil trade too. Crooks of all nationalities can either get very rich or very dead. And if they don't comply, they die.But the threat to those war criminals in Washington and London is clear: Earlier, in a remarkably frank interview that goes to the heart of the political row over the British Attorney General's criminal and illegal advice, Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, the former Chief of the Defence Staff, said he did not have full legal cover from prosecution at the International Criminal Court (ICC). ''If my soldiers went to jail and I did, some other people would go with me,'' said Boyce. Pressed by the UK paper The Observer on whether he meant Tony Blair and the Attorney General, Boyce replied: ''Too bloody right.''

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The Dutch author this far has lived and worked abroad - never in an English speaking country - during more than four decades for international media, as an independent foreign correspondent. Of which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the Arab world and the Middle East. Seeing worldwide that every bullet and every bomb used by the for profit murdering multinationals and their US junta's war machine, breeds more and armed resistance. Not only among Muslims, as the 'Junta Judasses' claim, but in all 190 countries surrounding the U.S. - War criminals, beware! - Url.:*
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The Netherlands

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