Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Drinking kool - aid" in Kansas.

Sent along to Leavenworth, Lawrence, Atchison, Valley Falls and Oskaloosa newspapers last Monday. I shall report as to how many if any have the courage, or balls, to print it.

Letter to the Editor

Hidebound hypocrisy is clearly apparent in this election season where politicians of every stripe rise into the public’s eye to curry its favor within the rules seem writ large by a lunatic doctrine. Contrary to the many who are running for elected office, who typically engage in rank self – exposure many people have had to come to grips with a great compromise. The American world today seems destined to have elected leaders that are incapable of breaking free from this death hold of phony civil discourse.

Bob Woodward’s new book, “State of Denial” aptly describes the condition of the national leadership’s inability to comprehend tragic mistakes made about the occupation of Iraq. The Bush administration and much of the elected leadership in this country have “drank the kool – aid” believed their own often repeated declarations about the phony “War on Terrorism.”

However, and more tragically perhaps, the book’s title also describes the national mood of the public – at – large in America and most acutely in Kansas villages from Valley Falls to Oskaloosa, Leavenworth and further north toward Atchison, Ks an incredible “state of denial.” I have discussed with many members of these communities the issues of the day and believe that a solid majority are in a dangerous deep “state of denial” about not only the occupation of Iraq but other even more deadly issues facing our communities.

The British government today, Monday, Oct. 30, 2006 declared that without the significant annual investment of one per cent of the total world’s resources toward making radical life – style changes each and every year ahead that global climate change will force a catastrophic economic collapse upon us all.

Far too many throw their hands and minds into the air and deny our civilization’s non – stop addictions to oil, cheap labor, over – consumption and endless wars to maintain the American empire. Others lamely declare their helplessness in a self – fulfilling religious doctrine of Armageddon centered Christianity; that is, “born – again” fundamentalist religion. The “end – time” madness practiced by many in our villages, indeed in the White House, encourages more denial instead of real – time “worldly” remedies.

To paraphrase the title of another recent popular book by M. I. T. professor Noam Chomsky: “America’s Quest for Global Dominance: Hegemony or Survival.” It is time to demand more sane solutions from our neighbors and the politicians we elect.

Michael Caddell

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