Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rep. Nancy Boyda recently writes of energy policy issues.

June 7, 2007

Dear XXXX,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me with your thoughts on global warming, alternative energy resources and the need to reevaluate our current environmental standards. I appreciate hearing your opinion and thoughts on the subject, and I am glad that I may in turn share my thoughts with you. I apologize for my delayed correspondence as my office is still fine-tuning our mail process.

As you are well aware, our nation is currently facing major environmental hurdles. Studies are being conducted across the world in order to examine how our lifestyles are impacting our natural resources. I agree with those who say that if we continue business as usual, our children will not have the same healthy trees, water and air that we have enjoyed. These natural resources should not be a luxury but if we continue to abuse them they soon will be in danger of severe pollution, and in some instances complete disappearance.

In order to address these major concerns we need a game plan:

First, we need to set aside money for the research and development of infrastructure for alternative energy resources. There are many new and exciting developments in the world of alternative energy. Kansas is lucky enough to be a state ripe with the right resources. From wind to switchgrass to ethanol- Kansans stand to benefit if we help our scientists and engineers by allocating the necessary funding to study effective means by which these alternative sources can be harnessed and processed.

Second, we must reevaluate our current Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards (CAFE). Strong yet common-sense changes are needed to reexamine how best our cars can run more efficiently and in a less harmful way to the environment and to our pocketbooks. It has been far too many years since we really sat down and thought about what is most important for our environment when it comes to the cars, trucks and various other vehicles that travel our roadways.

Our third point of action is to improve the influx of negative environmental factors is by promoting the use of environmentally friendly energy products. Light bulbs which require less energy and buildings which heat and cool with more efficiency can greatly cut down on the energy needed to keep our country running and lower costs for businesses.

As you can see there are numerous ways we can begin to address the pressing issue of global warming. Right now, I am working hard to find the best way. I thank you in advance for giving me the opportunity, as your Representative, to find the most efficient, thorough and sound approach to changing America's energy and environmental processes so that we stop causing harm to our natural resources and begin to affect positive change.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with me. If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Nancy BoydaMember of Congress
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