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Henk Ruyssenaars: "Labor politician Jan Pronk: 'Dutch Prime Minister is a Liar!'"


Former minister and UN envoy, politician Mr. Jan Pronk, has openly and repeatedly called Dutch PM Balkenende a liar. He, like many, keeps wondering how a so called 'christian' gov't can get away with all illegal wars and crimes, and he - like many - wants an official but honest parliamentarian investigation of the Iraq war.

Henk Ruyssenaars
Foreign Press Foundation

FPF-Amsterdam - 6 August 2007 - The industry information paper NRC Handelsblad again, and like the rest of the media, is busy with 'damage control': defusing the political bomb under the seat of the government. But there's no denying it and even the mainstream propaganda media had to refer to it: former minister and special UN observer Prof. Dr. Jan Pronk, said during a conference aloud and twice: ''The present prime minister of the Netherlands is a liar, and his party has lied us onto the American side and into the Iraq war.'' The propaganda parrots couldn't any longer hide this statement, a cry for justice and accountability too, and Pronk's protest hit the mainstream media. For many Dutch, where the propaganda media still not openly talk about the US junta's inside job on 9/11, and where the US myth about the 'Arabs' attacking the WTC skyscrapers 'because they hate our freedom' is frantically kept alive by some warmongering 'experts' and their media, Pronk's protest is like a long time overdue wake-up call. One of many signs on a huge wall of honesty.

Most people know Pronk is right - they check Internet information too and go directly to the sources* - getting confirmed that Balkenende and his gang are just dirty liars. They have shown to be a huge part of the global problem with the plutocrats, and are cowardly opportunists. Slyly and based on lies those traitors have sold the whole of the country as a military support base for the warring US/UK junta and collaborating NATO, while lying again to get Dutch cannon fodder by the thousands to killing or cancer at the front lines in the illegal wars. Working and dying for the profit of others.

They now do the dirty job for the US/UK junta: securing the roads for massive opium transports in Afghanistan, defending the stealing of oil and further destroying Iraq, but will maybe - thanks to those protests - not take part anymore if the junta in its madness decides to start a nuclear war with Iran because the plutocrats think it's profitable. People start understanding more and more that this group of 'humanoids' will kill us all. It really - also through the global spreading of uranium dust - does look like a by 'them' enforced global suicide.*

Pronk, who spoke two days ago at a conference of the Dutch Labor Party (PvdA), and is since last month aiming at the position of chairman of the party, got - according to the industry paper NRC* - the biggest and loudest applause when he said: ''It's about time somebody tells the PM that he's lying. We let him get away with everything! To Balkenende we don't say: You are a liar. You are a liar! We all have been taken for a ride by him into the quagmire of Iraq with a story which is a real shame. We don't hear the Labor Party officially say this: we ended up on the side of the Americans in a clumsily lying manner." Said Pronk in this burst of honesty, by which PM Balkenende, his group, and SHELL plant and 'minister of finance' and Vice PM Wouter Bos politically was hurt badly. Even if Pronk afterwards said: 'It may not have been 'politically correct' to say this.' And halfheartedly offered excuses.


The for ten years by SHELL trained 'Deputy Prime Minister' and Finance minister Bos (linked to the European Central Bank, the FED and the BIS*), who of course again has his pawns on the Dutch tax money, is b.t.w. one of the 'dirtiest politicians' which The Netherlands ever had.* Bos is a 'plant' and 'sell out' optima forma, who after graduating in 1988 in economics at the Vrije Universiteit (VU), the 'Free (?) University' in Amsterdam, went to work for SHELL. And after ten years of training, Bos was parachuted into politics. ''From 1998 to 2000 he was a member of the House of Representatives of the States General for the Labour Party (PvdA). From 24 March 2000 to 22 July 2002 Mr. Bos was State Secretary for Finance in the second [and equally treacherous] Kok* government. From 2002 to 2007 he was again a member of the House and, in the same period, leader of the PvdA parliamentary party. On 22 February 2007 Mr. Bos was appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance in the fourth Balkenende government."*

The Netherlands which always like the UK has had a special economy relationship with the US/UK group, is a kind of 'America half-asleep' and has been run for ages by the same plutocratic group which 'financially manages' many other countries in the world. Of this multinational banking community Mr. Wouter Bos of course and already for many years is a full time member as 'Finance Governor'. The same principle is followed by Bos in his Dutch area as in all US/UK junta's protectorates: the ruling group keeps them as poor and dumb as is possible.

[In Dutch: Houd jij ze arm, dan houd ik ze dom.]

The fact that this SHELL 'product' as the 'minister of finance' holds the gold and thus the power* in the fourth government and Balkenende's Christian Democratic Appél party - speaks for itself. Bos is not only the Vice PM but also represents the other vice, offending any decency standards human beings may have and bleeding Holland. "We in the Labor Party got to attack this CDA PM Balkenende harder." Pronk said, aiming at the CDA's inhumane policy. Between one and two million people dead in Iraq? The people of The Netherlands made guilty by association? They really don't care!


The compliant media in Holland (95%) are busy and try to make this official request by Pronk to disappear in the 'memory hole' faster than quick. Because he has started protesting openly and loudly, and still - like many other people - wants a real investigation. And find out how The Netherlands, through this lying prime minister and his gang, started taking part in the US/UK junta's mad wars for resources and global hegemony. Forcing people through lies and illegal home made laws to fight by proxy. Secretly using billions of Euros in tax money to let the people pay for the war crimes and the warmonger's profit. People that didn't want the killings and wars in the first place. Nowhere!

The propaganda media are very much to blame and will be punished as war criminals: without their lies and propaganda the massacres would never have been possible and have taken place. Also threatening to start a war, as the US/UK junta via its media does now with Iran, by the way finding and making false flag pretexts to attack and blame them, is according to the Geneva Conventions a war crime!

There's no doubt that the armed actions and invasions by the US/UK war machine and NATO - which the plutocrats through the Dutch so called 'government' and military top behind a smoke screen of lies still fully supports - according to international war conventions are totally illegal and war crimes as such.

So one of the reasons behind Pronk's protest is the fact that the Labor Party always said it wanted an investigation into the illegal participation of Holland on the american junta's side in the Iraq war, and than withdrew the claim when they could take part in this fourth Balkenende cabinet. It was formed in secret talks by the CDA with the fundamentalistic Christian Union, and the Labor Party 'compromized' and threw all investigation claims in the wind. Treason which is not acceptable to Pronk, many Labor Party members, and a majority of the rest of the 16.5 million Dutch people.

All Dutch people have been made guilty by association to war crimes, especially so through the mainstream media cover-up, and are not even informed about the criminality of for decades having stored in The Netherlands - at for instance Volkel air base* - illegal nuclear US bombs. Nukes which the Dutch air force is supposed to deliver for the US/UK junta whenever and wherever they order them to fly and bomb. A blatant illegality which also makes the Dutch a nuclear target in coming wars.*

UN Pronk' protests, but in general it's a pity there are no 'statesmen' anymore, and only politicians and their greedy managers are left. And even if Balkenende would be forced to leave, Vice PM Bos is ready in the wings to save the loot. So people must go on protesting, resistance against the warriors and the warmongers must keep growing everywhere, refusing to further pay the price of the multinational plutocrats greedy madness. Most criminals are not in jail yet, but the tide keeps turning... a global tsunami of revenge will sweep'm there, and they deserve every second of it.

And just in case you want to know when they lie: it's when they move their lips!



Isabella said...

Henk, and anybody else with any thoughts or opinions or feelings on the matter - why did the Dalai Lama accept the congressional medal of honor from Bush - and go through a ceremony with the most hypocritical people on Earth???

I believe that there should be a strong world wide campaign and discussion about this.

To me it is so very strange. I cannot understand how he could have been so brazenly contemptuous towards the Palestinian and th Iraqi and Afghani people.

How is it possible that he doe snot speak out about Justice???

I believe it would be very useful to bring him to book.

Anonymous said...

Dear Isabella:

Sorry, I didn't see the question earlier, but this article and some thinking will give you all the answers we people are looking for:

The Role of the CIA: Behind the Dalai Lama's Holy Cloak by Michael Backman

Global Research Editor's note

This incisive article by Michael Backman outlines the relationship of the Dalai Lama and his organization to US intelligence. The Dalai Lama has been on the CIA payroll since the late 1950s. He is an instrument of US intelligence. An understanding of this longstanding relationship to the CIA is essential, particuarly in the light of recent events. In all likelihood US intelligence was behind the protest movement, organized to occur a few months prior to the Beijing Olympic games.

M. C. 23 March 2008

Rarely do journalists challenge the Dalai Lama.

Partly it is because he is so charming and engaging. Most published accounts of him breeze on as airily as the subject, for whom a good giggle and a quaint parable are substitutes for hard answers. But this is the man who advocates greater autonomy for millions of people who are currently Chinese citizens, presumably with him as head of their government. So, why not hold him accountable as a political figure?

No mere spiritual leader, he was the head of Tibet's government when he went into exile in 1959. It was a state apparatus run by aristocratic, nepotistic monks that collected taxes, jailed and tortured dissenters and engaged in all the usual political intrigues. (The Dalai Lama's own father was almost certainly murdered in 1946, the consequence of a coup plot.)

The government set up in exile in India and, at least until the 1970s, received $US1.7 million a year from the CIA. The money was to pay for guerilla operations against the Chinese, notwithstanding the Dalai Lama's public stance in support of non-violence, for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. The Dalai Lama himself was on the CIA's payroll from the late 1950s until 1974, reportedly receiving $US15,000 a month ($US180,000 a year).

The funds were paid to him personally, but he used all or most of them for Tibetan government-in-exile activities, principally to fund offices in New York and Geneva, and to lobby internationally. - [end excerpt]

The rest of the very interesting story is here at Url.:

Read and weep!