Sunday, October 28, 2007

National campus poster campaign "Impeach Cheney" still growing - Kucinich to raise impeachment vote in the House.

by "The Pen"

Last week we told you we were printing at least 10,000 Impeach Cheney posters to put up on college campuses all over the country.

Because of the tremendous initial response from you, our participants, we had already made the commitment to bump the initial four color glossy print run up to 25,000. And then we got confirmation that Dennis Kucinich was determined to force the impeachment issue, by bringing it as a privileged resolution before Thanksgiving.

We need hundreds of additional volunteers right now to help get these posters up, to really give the impeachment movement maximum visibility. We'll be picking up the full 25,000 11x17 posters this Tuesday, and start shipping priority mail the same day.

So please, if you are anywhere near a college campus email us and we'll put you in contact with other volunteers in your area. If you've already volunteered, start organizing some other activist friends to join the Impeach Team.

The reason why we are specifically targeting college students withthis outreach initiative is that while we the people would all lose if Cheney bombs Iran and starts a full blown World War in the MiddleEast, they are the ones who would be conscripted first.

The posters dramatically make that point in bold red letters"If They Bomb Iran You Get Drafted"and then give the two easiest ways for them to speak out,

1) a "text to" short code function for cell phones (send the work "Impeach" to30644), since they are always on their cell phones, and

2) a fully enabled message to Congress system as an application ("Voices") on the Facebook platform, which they are all engaged in already.

See the poster here.

Impeach Cheney Poster:

If you can't help with the postering, but still want to do something to help, please consider making a contribution at the page above, and we'll also send you a free "Impeach Cheney?" cap.

If youhave one already give one to an activist friend. And remember, you don't have to make a donation to get a cap, just email us back your mailing address and we'll send you one for no charge, not even shipping.

We want to distribute upwards of 50-100,000 of these posters in the next couple weeks. Just as fast as you can put them up we'll print more. We already know that the first thing Pelosi will do when Kucinich forces the issue is tell him to get lost by embracing a motion to table (it's parlimentary equivalent).

Well, we're not goingto get lost. And we need every possible impeachment supporter we can muster to send them that message before the vote.

We believe there will be other tomorrows, but few as critical and important as mobilizing in every possible way to compel Congress by our numbers to listen to the voices of their constituents now.

The conventional polling companies are afraid to ask the question, because the last time they did, more than 60 percent of the Americanpeople thought Cheney should be impeached. But since we kicked off the National Cheney Impeachment Poll, and out of more than 113,000 free and fair votes, 99 percent say impeach Cheney.

If you have ever put up a poster for anything in your life . . . if you would ever consider helping. . . . Now is the time to stand up for the Constitution. Because after all they had to go through, our founders left us with that Constitution, so if we would just speakout we could make impeachment happen, so that we could peacefully oust a criminal government at any time . . . if you really want it.

We're not waiting for them to steal another presidential election.

The American revolution was fueled by local pamphleteers, who got the word out with the only media they had available to them, to rally thecitizenry to action. We have so much more, the internet, the most powerful grass roots media ever, and in a couple days we will have 25,000 full color glossy posters.

Be the modern day pamphleteers. It worked then and it's going to work now. And don't worry about George Bush, either. He's in the on deck circle. And once the consensus on Cheney can no longer be resisted, he'll be right on Cheney's heels.

If You Can, Step Up For Kucinich Too

None of what is happening now would be happening without the courageous leadership of Dennis Kucinich on this issue. Who else has the sheer guts to call for what the American people want? If you want to thank him for his stand on this issue, please consider making adonation to him as well.

Kucinich Donations:

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at

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