Friday, November 30, 2007

6000 letters to Speaker Nancy Pelosi call for impeachment! Campaign needs more.

Dear Friends,

Please pass the word, we have received over 6000 letters to encourage the Speaker of the House to open investigation and impeachment proceedings against Dick Cheney---in affect, allowing HRes 799 (which was HRes 333) to go forward from the House Judiciary Committee.

Pelosi's office has denied the rumor, but that should not mean we abrogate our responsibilities as members of this so-called Representative Republic. This will put the ball back in her court and she will probably miss and fail us again, but that does not mean that WE STOP TRYING!

We are still accepting letters and will deliver them when we reach 10,000, so please forward far and wide, again.

We have received them from all over the nation!

Send the letters to: Nancy Pelosi c/o Cindy for Congress Re: Impeach Dick Cheney 1260 Mission St. San Francisco, Ca 94103

We will not be opening the letters so please only include your letter to Nancy Pelosi in the envelope.

Love, peace & accountability,
Cindy Sheehan

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