Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dutch news editor sends "Card of Thanks" and commentary about EU.

Hi Mike!

Great work!

In Europe the same group of predators as in the US goes on and - among other bad things - still tries to shove this EU 'constitution' (aka 'Lisbon Treaty') down the people's throats without anybody knowing what's really in it. And it really is fascism for anybody who could have a look at al text.

Sign the blanco check on the dotted line, the so called governments for 490 million people in 27 countries are told. and contrary to all human objections (starting he death penalty again for rioters?) they keep robbing the peoples of their voices and votes.

But, we want a binding referendum in the European countries, especially since the French, Irish, Tsjechs and the Dutch already clearly have said NO! many times.

As you know: you wanna peel a sack of potatoes?

Well, you've got to take them one by one...

So we all just go on.

Keep Kansas and the US awake: let the(ir) feathers fly!

Best regards!

Henk :-)

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