Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jail Rove? Lions and tigers and bears, oh boy!

Dear Michael ,

In two days, we will find out whether Congress has the guts to stand up to George W. Bush. On July 10, former White House official Karl Rove is scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee.

In fact, the Committee issued Rove a subpoena to ensure that he would appear.Unfortunately -- but not surprisingly -- Rove's lawyer has said that he will not show up to testify.

This puts Congress on the spot. Will it cower in fear and do nothing? Or will it finally take the aggressive actions necessary to defend the priorities and powers of the legislative branch of government?Given past actions, we feel it is far too likely that Congress will shy away from this battle.

That is why we are asking you to send members of Congress a direct challenge before Thursday's hearing. We want you to send an E-mail telling your U.S. representative that Karl Rove thinks s/he is a wimp.

Remind your representative that executive branch officials basically laugh at Congress and do not take any of its threats seriously.

We have prepared an E-mail that conveys this general idea. Just click on the following link to send the message to your representative:

Our hope is that the Judiciary Committee will threaten President Bush with impeachment if Rove does not appear eventually to testify. In the alternative, we would at least consider it progress if Congress used its inherent contempt power to arrest Rove and force him to testify.

In either case, it would be better than what has happened in the past. Please help pressure Congress to act.

Send an E-mail today:

Thanks for taking action.


Steve Fox
Campaign Director
American Freedom Campaign Action Fund

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