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Slattery's response to Roberts attack ads: "Why would Big Oil need government handouts?"

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Slattery Responds to Negative Attack Ads

Topeka, KS- At a press conference today, Jim Slattery, candidate for the US Senate, responded to negative attack ads being run by incumbent senator, Pat Roberts.

"Pat Roberts is attacking me to distract from his record," Slattery said, "and Kansans deserve better."

In his most recent ad, "Gas" Roberts attempts to link Slattery to Big Oil.

"I have never lobbied for Big Oil and Pat Roberts knows it," Slattery said. "But after 40 years in Washington, Pat Roberts thinks that is how you win a campaign; you raise millions from your special interest friends and use it to twist the facts and distort your opponents record."

Roberts has accepted over $300,000 from oil and gas companies and voted for tax cuts for those same Big Oil companies.

"The price of gas is rising at record levels, and every time Pat Roberts receives a contributions from Big Oil, Kansans pay for it at the pump," Slattery said.

Big Oil companies have earned over $600 billion in profits since George Bush entered the White House. Just today, BP reported quarterly profit of $9.47 billion.

"Why would Big Oil need government handouts," Slattery asked. "I was one of the most frugal members of Congress and while I favor increased domestic drilling, it should not be at the expense of federal taxpayers," Slattery said. "Don't you think Big Oil has made enough money at the expense of American consumers?"

Slattery said that Kansas needs a new leader in the Senate.

"After 40 years in Washington, Kansans deserve a leader who will work for them and not the Big Oil companies."

Slattery also stressed that Kansans deserve a discussion about the issues.

"Pat Roberts is attacking me to distract from the real issue at hand- his record. I challenge Pat Roberts to end his negative personal attack ads and engage with me in a discussion about the issues important to Kansans and the future of our country."

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