Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jim Slattery sends debate letter to Sen. Pat Roberts

The letter sent by Jim Slattery
to Senator Pat Roberts.

Dear Senator Roberts,

I was disappointed by your announcement on July 31st to participate in just three debates, only one of which is open to the public and none of which are to be televised during prime time.

Pat, isn't it time we both stepped out from behind our slick television advertisements and engaged in real and thoughtful debates about the issues important to Kansans and the future of our country?

I trust you share my view that candidates for high public office, like the U.S. Senate, have a duty to debate the issues of the day. We have the opportunity to run a high-level campaign that focuses on the urgent issues facing our country. There is no better way to do this than with a series of televised debates where the public can see us answer their questions and discuss topics in depth.

I am happy to attend the three debates you have agreed to, but voters deserve more. I challenge you to four televised debates, one in each congressional district, to cover the major issues of this election

1st Congressional District
Location: Dodge City
Topic: Economy

2nd Congressional District
Location: Topeka
Topic: Health Care

3rd Congressional District
Location: Kansas City
Topic: Foreign Policy

4th Congressional District
Location: Wichita
Topic: Energy Policy

Having worked in Washington for over 40 years, I am sure you know just how important political debates are to the democratic process. I understand you have congressional business to attend to but I'm sure you can find four hours to speak to the voters of Kansas.
I certainly look forward to speaking with and seeing you out on the campaign trail.


Jim Slattery

Abbie Hodgson
Director of Communications
Slattery for Senate
785.232.6800 (office)

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