Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Insurgent American » "Sabbath as Interruption" by Stan Goff

My far-away buddy is finding something important in his Methodist discovery; the method of the old ways, that harkens to the ancient and the human in us all. [excerpt] "Much has happened in the last couple of years, including the necessity for me to look for, take, and hold a job… not a position, a job. Even then, when I started searching at 55, after a decade of politics and all the infighting, and all the inflammatory statements, and all the travel, and all the public stuff…even before the great burst of the great bubble, the non-profit world was not looking for a middle-aged man with things like sniper and communist tucked away in his CV. No craft experience, not even a clue about the latest cubicle-work divisions of labor, no accounting experience, no nothing…55 mattered, too, and 57 matters now. Having a couple books on one’s resume then creates the “overqualified” stigma, because people think writers earn good money. So there were three tries before I settled into the job I have now. ..." Take some time and continue reading his latest at Insurgent American

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