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Auntie Dave: Daily Bleed 3/16/09

 When I die
                                      let the black rag fly
                                           raven falling
                                          from the sky...

                                          For out of black
                                      soul's night have stirred
                                        dawn's cold gleam,
                                      morning's singing bird.

                 — Excerpt, "Black Flag", by George Woodcock

Web Thing updated, in full:



With Thomas Muntzer, a leader of the Peasant Wars,
to whom the angel Gabriel promised full religious communism..



1521 - Nicolas Storch, medieval anarchist communist, lives.

1811 -- England: Luddites attack machines designed to replace them.

1892 - César Vallejo, Peruvian hermetic poet, communist,
lives, Santiago de Chuco. A major voice of social change in
Latin-American literature. Of mixed blood, his early work
reflects firsthand experience of hunger, poverty, & injustices
suffered by the Indians.
Daily Bleed Saint 2002-2003

1904 - James Joyce, 22, awarded a bronze medal in a Dublin
singing contest, promptly throws it into a river.

1918 - US: "Regeneracion" publishes a proclamation, "With the
anarchists of the world & the workers in general." The
authors, Librado Rivera & Ricardo Flores Magon, argue that the
social revolution approaches & that all anarchists must infuse
it with their energies & possibilities. This text gets the
paper seized in the land of the free, & this is its last
published appearance in the US.

1921 - War Resisters International founded.

1921 - Bolsheviks stage the final bloody assault on rebellious
Kronstadt sailors. Izvestia n°14 of the Provisional
Revolutionary Committee of the Sailors, Soldier & Workers of
Kronstadt, having tossed off the yoke of party rule, notes its
refusal to surrender.

1933 - Last appearance of FAUD's newspaper for the unemployed
in Dresden, serving as the unofficial organ of the German anarcho-
syndicalist movement after the Nazi's banned their two previous papers.

1950 - US: G.P. Maximov, Russian anarcho-syndicalist, dies.
Author of a history of Leninism in Russia, The Guillotine at Work.

1968 - Vietnam: My Lai Massacre, American soldiers
 liberate civilians.

       Carrying on the tradition of 'teaching' American
       values to the godless & the communist, Captain
       Medina leads a 'victorious' attack on the village
       of Xom Lang, near My Lai in South Vietnam.

  While the upper brass circles overhead in helicopters,
  Charlie Company enters the hamlet of My Lai 4 &
  methodically & ruthlessly murders an estimated 347
  civilians over an 8-hour period.

  Most are women, children & old men. Some are slain by
  bullets fired into their houses, others herded into small
  groups & mowed down, & still more die when they are
  hurled into a ditch & sprayed with automatic rifle fire.

  The Army will first try to cover it up & the US media will
  refuse to report it. Later they will portray it as an aberration,
  one bad guy (Calley), one good guy (who stops it). Calley
  is later convicted, sent to his room for being a bad boy,
  then released.

1988 -- Massacre of Kurds with mustard & nerve gases,
Halabja, Iraq. US & European weapons & chemical
companies are supplying Iraq with the ok of the US.

1998 -- In response to reported Serbian massacres in
Drenica, in the ethnically Albanian province of Kosovo,
12,000 women, carrying loaves of bread, attempt to
march 50 km to Drenica from the capital of Prishtina.
They are turned back by police.

2001 -- World Premiere of Anton Coppola's opera, "Sacco &
Vanzetti," Tampa Opera (16-18, 2001). Based on music he wrote
for a film his nephew Francis Ford Coppola had planned to make
but never did.

2003 -- US: Protests continue across the nation against Beloved
& Respected Comrade Lord George Bush's God-given Right to
destroy any regime he & his close pal, God, dislikes. In 2006 he
affirms his intention to keep a "First Strike" option despite all these
loony protesters. Ascension is just a button away.

2006 -- US: "My Name is Rachel Corrie," a one-act play due to open this 
month at the New York Theater Workshop, was canceled six weeks ago.

   The theater’s artistic director made his decision after talking 
   to leaders in the Jewish community; he later told "The New York 
   Times," “It seemed as though if we proceeded, we would be taking 
   a stand we didn’t want to take.” 

   The London producers called the cancellation "censorship". 

   In the fall of of this year it opens instead at the Minetta Lane 
   Theatre, to an extended run, to an outpouring of critical acclaim — 
   the best reviewed new play of the season.


    "Mere factual innocence is no reason not to carry out a death
    sentence properly reached."

    — One of the more enlightened utterances by Beloved &
      Respected Comrade Leader US Supreme Court Justice
      Antonin "Benito" Scalia


    — anti-CopyRite 1997-4000, more  or less

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