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Lawrence Sustainability Network News, 20/May/2009


May 20, 2009

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LSN is an all-volunteer organization 
dedicated to learning how to live lightly and sustainably


Community Announcements

This week, you'll find detailed information on the following events:  
  • May 20: LSN Energy Group Solar Installation Workshop
  • May 21: LSN Eco-Parents Group meeting
  • May 23: 3 Sisters Garden Planting workshop
  • May 23: Kansas Land Trust--Akin Prairie Wildflower Walk
  • May 23: Really, Really Free Market!
  • May 24: LSN Energy Group meeting
  • May 26: Presentation on Nonviolent Communication
  • May 27: VEGLawrence Vegan Potluck
  • May 30: Rally in Topeka-->Healthcare for All
  • May 30: Community Vegetable Garden Tour
  • May 30: Lichtwardt Wood Bird Walk
  • May 31: LSN Energy Group meeting

Also Below: Let's Collaborate on Building Sustainability!

*  Are you an experienced gardener?  The LSN-SLUG is looking for you!  

* Contribute to LSN Outreach Efforts



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LSN Energy Group presents Solar Electric Installation Workshop

For more information, contact Rich Wenzel <>.  


Thursday, May 21, 2009

LSN Eco-Parents Group Meeting

Lawrence Public Library 

This is going to be a great meeting!  We'll be talking about eating local/organic produce on a budget and will have a few local experts share their thoughts with us.  Rachel Myslivy will share some of her tips and experience, Jessi Asmussen will talk about the basics of starting a home garden and the LSN interest Group SLUG, and Tom Buller will talk to us about the Farmer's Market and how to take advantage of everything the vendors there have to offer.

Contact Kim at for more information.


Saturday, May 23, 2009, 9:30am to 1pm

3 Sisters Garden Planting Workshop with Dianna Henry

Learning for Life Center: 1709 SW Randolph Ave., Topeka (357-7585)

Dianna Henry is a seed saver who collects, propagates, and saves seeds from plants that have grown in this area for centuries.  Corn, beans and squash were important to many First Nations people.  They are the Three Sisters that work together.  Join us and enhance and expand your experience of gardening.  You will learn the benefits of using organic techniques, Native American planting and land blessing ways, and how to connect with and co-create with the natural spirit of your garden and land.

Bring your drums and rattles!  We will have potluck picnic lunch together, so please bring something to share.


Saturday, May 23, 2009, 1-2:30 rain or shine
Akin Prairie Wildflower Walk
Akin Prairie Tract SE Douglas County (see directions below)

~led by Kelly Kindscher~

Join us for a spiritually nourishing walk and hone your appreciation of the diverse array of wildflowers and plants of the Kansas prairie.  This popular outing takes place on the Akin Prairie, the very first easement protected by Kansas Land Trust in 1994.  This 15-year milestone will be commemorated with the placement of a sign made possible by the Elizabeth Schultz Environmental Fund. Kelly Kindscher, author of Edible Wild Plants of the Prairie and Medicinal Plans of the Prairie, leads the way.

The walk is free and open to all…no registration necessary.  For more information, please visit

Directions: Two miles east of Lawrence on K-10, take the E. 1900 Rd (Douglas Co. 1057) exit and go south two miles to N. 1150 Road. Take N. 1150 to the west (right) about .4 mi. The prairie is on the south, at the top of the hill. KLT signs will mark the way.


Saturday, May 23, 2009, 10am-1pm 
Really, Really Free Market
Clinton Park, 901 W. 5th Street (5th and Alabama)

Just wanted to remind you about the Really, Really Free Market, same place as last year.

Make plans to attend this fun and free event suitable for all ages.

We welcome you to bring clothing, household items, books, plants, seeds, crafts, information, skills, music, whatever you have that you want to pass on or share. No money will be charged for anything.

You can bring your stuff at any time, but the earlier you bring it, the more likely it is to be taken. If you have really large things (like exercise machines or bikes), it would be nice to check back at 1:00 to help haul it away if it hasn't been taken.


Sunday, May 24, 2009 at 10am
LSN Energy Group Meeting
Z's Coffee Shop between Mass and New Hampshire

The LSN Energy Group meets every Sunday at Z's.  For the forseeable future, the discussions and planning will be centerd around local energy efficiency measures, as well as affordable DIY renewables.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 7pm
Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life
Delaware Commons Common House, 1222 Delaware

Vicki Penner and J. Metcalf will present an introductary presentation on nonviolent communication.  Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a method of compassionate communication created by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. and is used sucessfully around the world.  An ongoing practice group will form for further study and skill development.

Call Vicki at 760-3791 for more information.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009 at 6pm
VEGLawrence May Vegan Potluck

ECM building, 1204 Oread

Fun, food, and friends VEGLawrence vegan potlucks are here to provide a way to get together to share friendship, food, recipes, information, and good times. Everyone is welcome.

Find out more atMeetup   
and at .  


Hope to see you there, Judy Carman


Saturday, May 30, 2009, 9am-10:30 rain or shine
Lichtwardt Woods Bird Walk
Lichtwardt Woods, NW Lawrence (see directions below)

~led by Steve Roels~

Avian expert and former KLT staffer Steve Roels conducts this tour revealing the varied bird life of Douglas County. Traverse rugged, heavily forested land in rapidly developing NW Lawrence on which Bob and Betty Lichtwardt donated a conservation easement to KLT.  They have since donated the land itself to the City of Lawrence for use as a natural park area with hiking trails. The first of these trails and a public parking area were recently completed. We will commemorate this easement with the placement of a sign made possible by the Elizabeth Schultz Environmental Fund.

The walk is free and open to all…no registration necessary.  For more information, please visit

Directions: From W. 6th Street, head north on Folks Road for less than one mile and the parking area will be on the left (west), just south of the intersection with Peterson Road. Just follow the KLT signs!


Saturday, May 30, 2009, 1-3pm

Rally: Healthcare for All

State Capitol, Topeka

Rally in Topeka for Single Payer Health Insurance.  Mark your calendars for this event whose organization is underway.  Watch this site for more information closer to the date.  


Saturday, May 30, 2009, 10am-2pm 

Lawrence Food Garden Tour 

see below for location


Announcing the first annual Lawrence Food Garden Tour! 

This self-guided tour will showcase some of the diverse community and personal food gardens that are located within Lawrence's city limits.  Gardens on the tour include vegetables, fruits, and herbs; front, side and backyard use; perennial, heirloom, and native plants; raised beds, chicken-keeping, intensive and companion planting, and water harvesting and trellis systems.  Gardeners will be on site to give tours and share garden knowledge and inspirations.

Look for tour brochures and maps at local garden and food related stores througout Lawrence.  Or visit to print your own brochure with map.

Questions?  Contact or  


Let's Collaborate!

The Lawrence Environmental Education Project (LEEP) is seeking new board members.

The Lawrence Environmental Education Project (LEEP) is seeking engaged and enthusiastic individuals to serve as board members. LEEP is  a newly established non-profit organization committed to enriching the Lawrence area environmental education landscape through a cooperative, community approach.  LEEP embraces a multi-generational, multi-faceted approach to learning and community building.

Current LEEP projects include coordinating the Ecoliteracy Book Club ( and seasonal community field trips related to current environmental issues. The LEEP Board meets about once a month for planning with increased involvement around events.  The attached press release provides more details about LEEP.

For more information, please email us at


Are you an experienced gardener?  
LSN-SLUG, Support for Local Urban Gardeners, is looking for you! 
If you are an experienced food gardener, and you would be willing to share your knowledge and skills with others, we have an opportunity for you! Contact us to find out how you can help others start growing food gardens. Please contact Jessi at < >. 


 Are you interested in local food? There's more to it than just being a grower or a buyer. How do we produce enough to support our  local needs? How do we educate elected officials and administrators on the importance of local food to the local economy and global health?
We need your help!
A wiki site has been started to allow many to collaborate on building a local food economy, but a wiki can only be improved by participation from its members. Check it out and join to provide input at .
We hope you'll join us, and invite your friends.

This wiki represents a joint effort of K-State Research and Extension, the Kansas Rural Center, and local producers. For more information, contact Jim Smith, or Jennifer Smith,


LSN's Outreach Committee is looking for ideas
and organizing events related to vital sustainability topics.  In the past, we've had presenations on topics ranging from "The Benefits of Herbs", "Local Food Producers & Suppliers", "Renewable Energy Breakthroughs", and much more.  If you have a sustainability topic you'd like to learn about, please contact Rich Wenzel at 917-9344 or or Steve Stemmerman at 841-0028.  

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