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Lawerence Sustainability Network News, June 3, 2009


June 3, 2009

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LSN is an all-volunteer organization
dedicated to learning how to live lightly and sustainably

Community Announcements

This week, you'll find detailed information on the following events:
  • June 6: LSN Community Potluck
  • June 6: Guided Walk at Snyder Prairie
  • June 13: Wildflower Walk at The Prairie Center
  • June 16: Cultivating Sustainable Soils
  • June 27: LSN Eco-Parents at Mary's Lake
  • July 16: LSN Eco-Parents presents Jo Ann Farb on Living Vegan and Gluten Free

Also Below: Let's Collaborate on Building Sustainability!

* Check out the Prairie Moon Waldorf School's new garden and blog!

* Are you an experienced gardener? The LSN-SLUG is looking for you!

* Contribute to LSN Outreach Efforts


Saturday, June 6, 2009, 6pm
LSN Community Pot Luck
Ecumenical Christian Ministries, 1204 Oread

It doesn't matter if you're an old hand or brand new to sustainability or LSN, here's your chance to spend a fun evening with good food and good discussion. Enjoy time with old friends, meet new ones and hear more about what different interest groups have been up to, what they are currently doing, and what they are planning. Also, come hear about our new and improved website and what it now offers for the various interest groups. Local foods are appreciated; all foods are welcome. Don't hesitate to come even if you don't have time to cook!


Saturday, June 6, 2009 at 10am
Guided Walk at Snyder Prairie
Mayetta, Kansas (see directions below)

Grassland Heritage invites you to join us on a guided walk at our property east of Mayetta.

Frank Norman who leads our Groundhog’s property maintenance group will discuss our efforts at management, preservation of the native prairie, and restoration efforts. He’ll identify and inform us about the plants we encounter. Snyder Prairie is about 15 miles north of Topeka on Hwy 75. To get to the site, drive east on 158th Road at Mayetta and go about 3 miles to U Road, and then go south approximately another half-mile and park along the roadside next to the Hug’s driveway. Snyder Prairie is private property and can only be visited with permission. Contact Frank Norman or (785) 691-9748.

Be sure to wear long pants and sturdy shoes. This is a walk “through” the prairie.

Grassland Heritage Foundation Prairie Walks


Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 8:30am
Wildflower Walk at The Prairie Center
26235 W. 135th St., just west of Olathe (see directions below)

Wildflower Walk at The Prairie Center

Join Grassland Heritage to explore the prairies at this Kansas nature center. Dr. Glenn Fell, will lead our outing discussing the colorful flowers of early summer. 26235 W 135th Street, just west of Olathe, Kansas. From I-35 take Santa Fe (Hwy 150) west 6 miles to Cedar Niles Rd and turn south to the parking lot. Contact Sue Holcomb or 913-449-3621.

Long pants and sturdy shoes are recommended for any walk on the prairie.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 7-9pm
Cultivating Sustainable Soils
Douglas County Co-op Extension Office, 21st & Harper Ave.

In this fifth of eight seminars, Steve Moring of the Kaw Permaculture Collaborative will examine living and biologically diverse soils that support abundant life. We will examine basic soil types, their chemistry, nutrient cycling, and dynamics of interaction of life in the soil. We will learn the basics in creating productive soils without the use of petrochemical inputs, and the use of unconventional methods including biodynamic farming.

Pre-registration is requested by contacting Steve prior to 15 June.

More info available from Steve Moring at (785)863-4102, <> or Bill Wood at (785)843-7058, <>


Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 8:30am-10am
LSN Eco-Parents: Mary's Lake Cleanup
Prairie Park Nature Center

LSN Eco-Parents group is hosting a clean-up at Mary's Lake next to Prairie Park Nature Center. We'll start at 8:30 and pick until around 10:00 which is when PPNC hosts a free program for families. PPNC will provide trash bags, gloves, and some equipment and will have an individual there to provide direction.

This will be a good opportunity to get to know some of the other Eco-Parents and give the kids a real "hands on" example of how to be good stewards of our environment. If you're not too hot and tired by 10:00 you can watch the free program and learn more about the PPNC animals.

We'll meet in the PPNC parking lot at 8:30 and walk down to the lake from there. Wear sturdy shoes and bring water and a snack if you like. Feel free to bring any tools that you think would be helpful.


Thursday, July 16, 2009
LSN Eco-Parents Meeting: Living Vegan and Gluten Free by Jo Ann Farb

LSN Eco-Parents will pick up on our food theme for the summer with our
July meeting. On July 16th we will have a presentation from JoAnn
Farb on living a vegan/gluten-free lifestyle and how our food choices
impact our health and the environment (with samples!!).


Let's Collaborate!

Prairie Moon Waldorf School is actively engaged in a variety of sustainability endeavors. With the help of a start-up grant from the Elizabeth Schultz Environmental Fund of the Douglas County Community Foundation, the school started this spring the Okanis Market Garden on the school grounds (former Grant School near the Lawrence Municipal Airport.) We received a complementing grant from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to establish a rain barrel water conservation system and water conservation curriculum at the school. This grant made Prairie Moon Douglas County's first official "Kansas Green School." We have started a blog, to record the work in the garden. Our community partners in the garden project are Citizens for Responsible Planning, Lawrence Farmers Market and the Community Mercantile grocery store, which will sell the school's produce. The school is planning to participate in up-coming Kansas Green School conferences to be held in Lawrence and Wichita. Next October, the Okanis Market Garden will be on the Douglas County Garden Tour.


Are you an experienced gardener?
LSN-SLUG, Support for Local Urban Gardeners, is looking for you!
If you are an experienced food gardener, and you would be willing to share your knowledge and skills with others, we have an opportunity for you! Contact us to find out how you can help others start growing food gardens. Please contact Jessi at < >.


Are you interested in local food? There's more to it than just being a grower or a buyer. How do we produce enough to support our local needs? How do we educate elected officials and administrators on the importance of local food to the local economy and global health?
We need your help!
A wiki site has been started to allow many to collaborate on building a local food economy, but a wiki can only be improved by participation from its members. Check it out and join to provide input at .
We hope you'll join us, and invite your friends.

This wiki represents a joint effort of K-State Research and Extension, the Kansas Rural Center, and local producers. For more information, contact Jim Smith, or Jennifer Smith,


LSN's Outreach Committee is looking for ideas
and organizing events related to vital sustainability topics. In the past, we've had presenations on topics ranging from "The Benefits of Herbs", "Local Food Producers & Suppliers", "Renewable Energy Breakthroughs", and much more. If you have a sustainability topic you'd like to learn about, please contact Rich Wenzel at 917-9344 or or Steve Stemmerman at 841-0028.

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