Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A message from David North, chairman of the WSWS international editorial board

Dear Readers:

For more than 11 years, since beginning daily publication in February 1998, the World Socialist Web Site has established an unchallengeable reputation as the authoritative voice of international socialism. The WSWS is unique. There is not another web-based publication on the left that offers the range or equals the quality of the WSWS's news coverage, political analysis, social commentary, and artistic reviews.

The World Socialist Web Site is recognized throughout the world for its uncompromising internationalist outlook, based on the independent interests of the working class. The great strength of the WSWS is rooted in its commitment to Marxist theory and its defense of genuine socialist principles. The WSWS appeals to the intelligence and the humanity of its readers. It strives to confront the difficult questions facing the working class.

The World Socialist Web Site is convinced that the life and death problems of our times--war and the destructive exacerbation of national, ethnic and religious conflicts, global economic crisis and class-based exploitation, poverty and political oppression, and the destruction of the environment--demand for their solution an enormous development in the political awareness and social consciousness of the broadest sections of working people and youth.

Today, under conditions of a rapidly expanding world economic crisis, the work of the WSWS acquires the greatest urgency. In order to reach tens of thousands of new readers all over the globe, we must expand our coverage of world events and workers' struggles. This requires the strengthening of our staff and an upgrading of the technology employed in the production and publication of the World Socialist Web Site.

You know what this means. We need to raise more money. As a socialist publication that represents and defends the interests of the working class, we require the support of our readers. Who understands better than you the importance of the World Socialist Web Site?

Therefore, we ask you to make as large a donation as possible to the WSWS.


David North

International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site

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