Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Greater Kansas City Chapter, Democracy for America, Health Care Reform meeting, August 5th, 2009

WE think the fight is not just the President's. It is ours as well. We all must let him, the poll-takers, our congressional people, and the media know what we want, and do it persistently and strongly. The longer the battle goes on, the more it is open to confusion and dilution. We must stand our ground because we are the bedrock foundation for the whole democratic structure?.
These words from our own Phyllis Sheaks (responding to a common dreams article) outlining what we should do to insure dynamic Health Care Reform. And that is exactly what we intend to do at our upcoming meeting.

Our August 5th meeting will be a work meeting. We plan to have activities for everybody. Leaders will help you get started phoning to get support from other people, writing post cards to legislators or media, or maybe to help in data entry. Some of us will take to the streets of Westport to get signatures from people on the street. You choose the most fun activity for you and we will help you get started. All of this activity is in support of Health Care Reform!

As you know the congressional wheels have been grinding slower and slower, and now Congress is taking a vacation. The sick and the dying don?t get vacations. We need to let Congress know, the problems of the people are with them every day, especially the uninsured,. And they, Congress, can?t evade what needs to be done because we aren?t going to let them forget the 57 million uninsured and the general health care mess in this country.

So please come join us at Californos, 4124 Pennsylvania KC Mo. 7:00 PM, Wednesday, August 5th. The situation is dire, but working in a group, to correct it, can actually be fun. Hope to see you there. For those of you who have abundant minutes on your cell phone, we hope you will be willing to donate some to the cause. Unlike the Presidential campaign, we have no shoebox of cell phones. And please bring lap tops if you have them.

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