Saturday, August 08, 2009

George Kenney: "Interview: Leslie T. Chang, author 'Factory Girls' " - Electric Politics

Dear Discomfit Magazine readers,

When Washington thinks about China it's usually in terms of (a) the trade deficit and our system of international payments or (b) a potential military rival, particularly regarding access to raw materials from the third world. We tend to be much less aware of China's own internal preoccupations.

Journalist Leslie T. Chang helps correct that with her recent book Factory Girls -- which, according to Simon Winchester, "[Rises] head and shoulders above almost all other new books about China..." It is a fascinating book and, without any overt effort, it effectively dispels the myth that China wants to take over the world. More sensibly, we should try to understand what's happening in China as the Chinese themselves see things. Which isn't easy!

I hope you enjoy this podcast interview and, if you think it's worthwhile, please feel free to forward the link.


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