Friday, August 28, 2009

KC Democracy for America: "Kids, It's about their education" - Meeting Annoncement

Meeting Wednesday Sep. 2nd 7:00 PM. Please remember to bring school supplies for the kids:

#2 pencils,

Colored Pencils,

zip loc bags - any size,

Composition Books and Copy Paper.

Coming up: "Kids, It's about Their Education" ... but first, a word from our sponsor:
Democracy for America, our parent organization sponsored scholarships this year for the Netroot's Nation convention held in Pittsburg a couple of weeks ago. Our Anne Pritchett was one of those scholarship winners. Anne has accepted our invitation to show us what all she heard and what all and who all she saw at the convention ..
and now ..
"Kids, It's about Their Education"
Historically, September, is when it all starts again. It's back to school time. Time for all of us to dedicate ourselves to one of the very most important functions of any community... Educating the Children.
We thought it was fitting to dedicate our September meeting to listening to and talking to the people who represent a large part of the Kansas City educational community. We know It's no secret that the Kansas City School District has struggled in the past. But for 2009, promising changes have been made and the horizon looks much brighter.

We have a new Superintendent! We have some new young stars on our school board. A new "School Board School" promises training more talent for the 5 school board seats coming up for a vote this year. Our teachers are looking to 2009 with renewed hope, and we have a series of new groups in town called 'Hands On' dedicated to working with schools within their own neighborhoods on projects not directly related to academics.

Our panel will include School Board Member, Airick Leonard West, Teacher's Union President, Andrea Flinders, and the Team Leader for Sub-District 2 of 'All Hands On KCMSD', Vicky Smith. Each of these folks will offer some opening remarks and the balance of our time will be devoted to a Q & A session.
Whether you live within the Kansas City school district or not, we hope you attend. The KC school system impacts the entire metropolitan community and all of us, yes all of us should try to contribute to it's success. If a comment, or an idea you might propose, helps one child, your night and our night will have been worth it.
We look forward to seeing you all:
Wednesday Sep. 2nd @ 7:00 PM
Californos Bistro (mid-level ballroom)
4124 Pennsylvania Ave
Kansas City, Mo 64111.

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