Monday, August 10, 2009

Letter to the Editor: Kansas Senators, 'Cowardly' and 'Unpatriotic'


The following was sent to the Kansas City Star Saturday. Of course, they did not publish it, even online.

As a Kansan, I am disgusted by the cowardly and unpatriotic reaction of our United States Senators to the prospect of terrorism suspects being held in Leavenworth. Their implication that our military cannot securely guard a couple of hundred detainees they have already guarded for years is insulting to military personnel. The implication that Kansans are so cowardly and self-centered and unpatriotic that we would refuse to permit our government to locate any needed facility in our state slanders patriotic Kansans.

I live fifteen minutes from Ft. Leavenworth. It is my back yard. I say if my government wants to house detainees here, we should take them, and tolerate whatever inconvenience that may involve. (No such inconvenience is reasonably foreseeable, frankly, but that is irrelevant.)

Sen. Robert's expressed willingness to "shut down the Senate" if he doesn't get his way is characteristic of a saboteur, not a member of any loyal opposition. Senators Roberts and Brownback are either too cowardly and unpatriotic to represent Kansans, or too disingenuous to merit holding their offices. They don't represent me!

Henry Chamberlain

(Ed. Note: This was originally posted to the Kansas Progressive Caucus (KPC) general membership site. Many posts, from progressives around the state, on a daily basis can be read on current political issues. To post to this group, send email to and apply, a moderator will send a reply. KPC accepts and welcomes members who are not registered with the Kansas Democratic Party. Full disclosure; I am a member of the KPC board representing the 2nd Congressional District, so sorely represented by Sen. Pat Roberts - MDC)

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