Thursday, August 13, 2009

Poem: "Ode to a Teabagger" - Discomfit Magazine

Saliva dripping off your chin
Bulging eyes, maniacal grin
Handwritten misspelled sign in hand
Egged on by Rush, you "take a stand".

As cameras roll, you scream and chant
Your sound-bite so the speaker can't
Be heard at all. Your job is done---
Didn't even have to pull your gun!

Real discussion requires thought
And, if you lie, you might get caught.
Besides, sometimes real facts don't fit.
Mush easier to make up shit!

Freeper, Birther or Tea Bagger
All love to strut their "Crawford swagger".
Though "W"'s gone, one thing is clear.
You are his legacy: HATE AND FEAR.

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