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Determinations, how
Must I name this
Time & know this season?
Like travellers

— Richard Howard, "September Twenty-Ninth"


Prominent Italian modernist filmmaker, political radical.

Alternate Saint,

Mystic leader of the Ghost Dance Rebellion.

Germany: GOOSE DAY, in which weather is forecast
by the breastbone of a goose. (There some other way?)

chief God of Intoxication.


1547 -- Tilt?: Miguel de Cervantes lives,
inspector of windmills, author of Don Quixote.
See Kenneth Rexroth's Classics Revisited.

1795 -- Perpetual Peace published by
Immanuel Kant, Germany.

1810 -- Elizabeth Gaskell lives, Cheyne Row, Chelsea.
Her novels often depict life in the manufacturing cities of the North.

1864 -- Miguel Unamuno lives. One of the foremost
representatives of the movement Generation '98. Published
poetry, plays, novels & essays. In hot water for opposing
both Primo de Rivera's government & Franco's fascist one.

1879 -- US: A dozen Ute Indians kill all the white workers
at Colorado's White River Agency.

The dead include agency head Nathan Meeker, who said it
was his duty as a member of a superior race to elevate &
enlighten the Utes.

When they did not elevate & bow, he called in the Army.

Earlier today, the white troops attacked a peaceful party
of Utes along the Milk River. 37 Utes die in a desperate
stand to save their reservation from military seizure.

1883 -- English language publication of anarchist
Johann Most's song "The Hymn of the Proletariat".

1902 -- Emile Zola, 62, controversial author, dies, Paris.
Daily Bleed Saint 2002-4
French father of the novel as social "experiment."
Said "j'accuse" to French state power.

1909 -- US: The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
during this month (I don't have exact day) attains the first
victory in a strike by unskilled steel workers in the Pressed
Steel Car Company strike at McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania.

1921 -- Russian Revolution: The Cheka (Bolshevik
Secret Police) execute Fanya Baron, & nine other anarchist
prisoners. These executions follow that of the anarchist poet
Lev Chernyi on the 21st.

1922 -- First performance of Brecht play "Drums in the
Night" is staged.

1926 -- Russia: Nicholas Lazarevitch is expelled.
French anarcho-syndicalist, close to the Bolsheviks prior to
his arrest & deportation.

1931 -- Canada: RCMP fire into coal miners' parade,
murdering three.

1936 -- US: 11 members of Detroit's fascist "Black Legion"
convicted for the murder of Charles Poole, a WPA organizer.

1939 -- France: Louis Lecoin is arrested for his part in distributing
100,000 copies of the anti-war leaflet "Immediate Peace." Several
signatories discover their knees are weak & that they have no
backbone, & thus must disavow the leaflet.

1943 -- US: Six war objectors imprisoned at Lewisburg,
PA, start a hunger strike against censorship of mail
& reading material by prison authorities. Igal Roodenko
began his own hunger & work strike in support.

1946 -- " The Adventures of Sam Spade," with Howard
Duff as Spade, becomes a big hit in the Sunday
night radio lineup.

1947 -- Jazz great Dizzy Gillespie presents his first
Carnegie Hall concert, NYC

1955 -- Arthur Miller play "A View From the Bridge"
opens, NY (149 performances).

Miller was under attack by rightwingers & liberals
in the government, as well as abandoned by spineless
critics during this period.

1960 -- On the day after the conclusion of the 4th conference
of the Situationist International in London, strict measures are
announced by the Gaullist government against the first 121
signatories of the "Declaration on the Right to Insubordination
in the Algerian War."

Guy Debord & Michèle Bernstein co-sign the declaration,
which eventually collects 200 signatures.


1961 -- France: Publication of La Nuit (The Night), a novel
by Michèle Bernstein, in Paris.

1969 -- Capital Crime?: 2,000 welfare protesters take
over the state capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin.

1973 -- W. H. Auden dies at 66 in Vienna.

"Leaning out over

The dreadful precipice,

One contemptuous tree."

1976 -- John Cage's "Renga" & "Apartment
House 1776" premier, Boston Symphony.

1979 -- England: The Persons Unknown trial
opens this month (I don't have the exact day).

Basically six anarchists are charged with
'conspiracy with persons known & unknown to
cause explosions' hence PERSONS UNKNOWN. The
state had nothing to go on (hence the quote). The
six were found not guilty & a member of the jury
became an anarchist...

1989 -- Check-up?: While taking a motorcycle trip from
L.A. to the Grand Canyon, Bruce Springsteen stops in a
small saloon in Prescott, Arizona & jams with the house
band, The Mile High Band. They play "Don't Be Cruel,"
"I'm On Fire," "Route 66" & others. One of the
barmaids, Brenda Techanec, was talking about her
problems paying her hospital bills — & a week later
gets a check for $100,000.

1999 -- US: Associated Press reports evidence of a
massacre of civilians by US soldiers in the Korean War.

2001 -- US: The Russian paper Pravda reports:


Washington, DC -- Anarchist members of the Anti-Capitalist
Convergence hope to catch DC Police unawares when they
stage a riot on 16th Street between Union Station & Malcolm X
Park today, starting at 11 AM.

2006 -- US: "Renewing the Anarchist Tradition Conference,"
Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont (29th-1st).


— anti-CopyRite 1997-8000, more or less

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