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The Daily Bleed, 29/October

the pomegranate
set loose
in an Airport.

Daily Bleed, in full,


Inspired American black-humorist, beat-era social rebel.

Held every 12 years, the dead are reinterred & honored,
with huge a grave dug & lined with beaver skins.

Dancing on our own graves.


1618 -- Got Canned?: Due to a failed expedition to
exploit Guiana, Sir Walter Raleigh (History of the
) executed, Tower of London.

1867 -- Tom MacInnes lives, Dresden, Ontario.
Canadian writer whose works range from vigorous,
slangy recollections of the Yukon gold rush (Lonesome
, 1909), to a translation & commentary on the
philosophy of Lao-tzu, irreverently titled The
Teaching of the Old Boy

"Many men lost their minds on the Dead Horse Trail.
Others lost their lives as a diet of rotten horse flesh
led to raging fever. Screams of pain echoed through the
canyons like deranged spirits throughout the winter
of 1897."

1884 -- Rubén Darío writes "Epistola a Ricardo Contreras".

1886 -- England: "Freedom" begins publication in
London, as a monthly, in October 1886. From the start
it was intended not as the mouthpiece of a particular
group but as an independent voice in a wider movement.

1889 -- US: Katsu Goto is lynched. A prominent Hawaiian
merchant, labor sympathizer & interpreter, Goto was an
immigrant killed by some fine upstanding American
businessmen who didn't like the advocacy work he
performed on behalf of Japanese plantation workers.

1896 -- US: Every twelve years on this day, the
Amerindian Iroquois tribe celebrates its Feast
of the Dead, to honor the souls of departed
loved ones.

"No one owns their own property.
The property owns them."

— Robert G Ingersoll (1896)

1897 -- Henry George dies.

"The equal right of all men to the use of land
is a clear as their equal right to breathe the air
— it is a right proclaimed by the fact of their

— Henry George, Progress & Poverty

1901 -- Leon Czolgosz, self-proclaimed anarchist,
electrocuted for the assassination of US President
McKinley. Emma Goldman is one of the few
anarchists who refuses to disown him.

1902 -- Fredric Brown, American writer, lives.
One of the most ingenious American crime & mystery
writers, Brown also wrote science fiction to overcome
— as he said — the too real aspect of detective fiction.

1918 -- Germany: Wilhelmshaven Revolt. Sailors mutiny,
take over naval base, garrison & city of Kiehl; Soldiers,
Sailors & Workers Councils elected. The German
government falls on November 10.

1929 -- US: Pandemonium on Wall
Street as stocks crash. American
securities lose 26 billion dollars in

In Dies Irae ("Day of Wrath"), James Rosenberg created
an expressionist nightmare of teetering skyscrapers, suicidal
stockbrokers, storm clouds, & maddened crowds to convey
the sense of panic that overwhelmed Wall Street & the nation
in the last days of October

"Happy Days
Are Here
Again" Casa
conducted by
Glen Gray,

The date on which the Casa Loma Orchestra waxed this
cheery tune is better remembered as Black Tuesday,
the day of the stock market crash. "Variety"'s October 30,
1929 headline read "WALL STREET LAYS AN EGG."

How big an egg? An average 40 percent loss in stock
values by mid-November, representing nearly 30 billion
dollars! This song (sans vocals here) expressed
pre-crash exuberance in the film Chasing Rainbows (a
young Jack Benny appeared in it), & it became a 'wishful
thinking' anthem as the Depression darkened.

— Mark Humphrey, "The Great Depression:
American Music in the '30s"

1936 -- Songster Hank Snow makes his first recordings,
"Lonesome Blue Yodel" & "Prisoned Cowboy."

1940 -- USA: First compulsory peace-time draft initiated.

1942 -- d.a. levy lives, Cleveland, Ohio. Poet.

1947 -- Belgium: Asger Jorn participates in the International
Conference of Revolutionary Surrealism in Brussels.

1952 -- France: "No More Flat Feet," a tract denouncing
Charlie Chaplin signed by the Lettrist International
(Serge Berna, Jean-Louis Brau, Guy-Ernest Debord &
Gil J. Wolman), is thrown into the crowd at a press
conference for Chaplin's film "Limelight."

1953 -- Poet Dylan Thomas' last
public engagement, City College of NY.

1958 -- Boris Pasternak, under intense pressure
from the Soviet government & press, wires the
Swedish Royal Academy his "voluntary refusal"
of the Nobel Prize for Literature. One of his crimes
is to have written — in his novel, Dr. Zhivago
too sympathetically of the anarchists, & not kindly
enough of the Bolsheviks.

"Am I a gangster or

Of what crime do I stand

I made the whole world
weep at the beauty of my

1958 -- Good Ol' USA: Atomic bomb named 'Santa Fe'
explodes above ground; winds blow fallout over LA
where thermal inversion holds it over the city for several
days. Not that the residents can tell the difference —
it's a glow in the dark kinda place.

1961 -- Not to be outdone, the first 50-megaton
bomb explodes, USSR.

1963 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader
Bobby Kennedy's representative Desmond FitzGerald
tells the CIA a coup against Beloved & Respected
Comrade Leader Castro would receive US support.

1969 -- US: Chicago Eight Trial, 29th-31st: Beloved &
Respected Comrade Leader Judge Hoffman orders Bobby
Seale bound & gagged (after Seale is refused permission
to act as or have his own defense counsel).

1969 -- Paul McCartney is dead.

1970 -- US: Sans Hose? Anti-war protesters pelt Beloved &
Respected Comrade Leader Prez Dick M Nixon's motorcade
with rocks & eggs in San Jose, California.

1970 -- US: An FBI memo recommends 15,000 new domestic
intelligence operations. Ahhh, Freedom is a Grand Thing!

1979 -- "Up Against The Wall Street Journal" direct
actions disrupt New York Stock Exchange & financial
district on 50th Anniversary of the stock market crash
of 1929. Over 1,000 arrested.

1981 -- George Brassens, French anarchiste poet/songster,
dies. See 22 October 1921.

"La camarde, qui ne m'a jamais pardonné
d'avoir semé des fleurs dans les trous de son
nez, me poursuit d'un zèle imbécile..."

— "Supplique pour être enterré à la plage de Sète"

1984 -- US: "Doonesbury" has George Bush
place his manhood in a blind trust.

1985 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Acting Pres.
Reagan claims Russian contains no word for "freedom" (wrong).

2000 -- Taiwan: Three martial arts students pull a truck,
& 100 men, — with

2006 -- México: Violence flares in Oaxaca, as 10,000 military,
3,500 riot cops, 3,000 military police, violently sweep the streets.
This unprovoked aggression by the Mexican State against the
pacific & unarmed people of Oaxaca is one of the largest in the
recent history of México & Latin America.


I have always imagined that Paradise
would be a kind of library.

— Jorge Luis Borges

— anti-CopyRite 1997-30,000,000,000,000 more or less
Intellectual property rights protected, no, no, you can't have any
of these ideas, for better, for worse...they may not be shared or
otherwise distributed.
If you have an original thought that we have already had, or vice
versa, you will be persecuted & tormented but good. & Or else.

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