Thursday, October 29, 2009

Frank Smith: "Alaska for-profit prison builders are sentenced to federal pens" - Kansas Progressive Caucus

Irony of ironies.

Bill Allen, and his VP Rick Smith, two Alaska oilfield and
private-prison building contractors were sentenced today to three years
and a $750,000 fine and 21 months and a $10,000 fine, respectively.

I am delighted. Eight years ago my now-deceased colleague Dee Hubbard
and I helped initiate the investigation that snared them and ousted half
a dozen corrupt legislators from Alaska office. Cornell Corrections
lobbyist Bill Bobrick was also convicted.

They got reduced sentences for ratting out many of those whom they'd
bribed, including US Senator Ted Stevens and five Republican state
legislators, as well as ex-Governor Murkowski's chief of staff.

I caught them red handed, bid-rigging prison construction and laundering
contributions, including Kit Bond, Roy Blount, Tom Coburn and James
Inhofe, who were all on their "Christmas list."

Allen and his executives and family personally poured money into Sarah
Palin, whom he met for a cozy tete-a-tete when the two shared wine at
Ted Stevens' "chalet." His corporation contributed 11% of all the money
she received in her losing race for Lt. Governor of Alaska in 2002.

Hopefully, three more ex-legislators will join them in the federal pen,
including Alaska congressman Don Young, Ted's son state Senator Ben
Stevens, Sen. Jerry Ward and Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch.

Story link is at:

Outline of the corruption can be found in my article from six months

Here's just some of the laundered campaign contributions to federal
officeholders. From the Sunlight Foundation and my own research:

Allen's VECO campaign finance laundry, his family and executives,
donated maximum amounts to “our” KS and MO reps directly, besides
$88,000 in contributions funneled through Stevens' Northern Lights PAC.
The PAC paid off such luminaries as Kit Bond (at least $19,976), Jim
Talent ($10,000) & Sam Brownback ($10,000). Roberts only got $1,132, but
Norm Coleman, got $10,000. Rich Pombo, one of the most corrupt
congressmen in recent years, also got contributions, as did his aptly
named "RichPAC." Don Young's "Midnight Sun," PAC, also received VECO
contributions and doled out huge amounts to VECO allies:

Ted's PAC gave $169,488 in 2002, all to Republicans including $10,000 to
Liddy Dole, John Cornyn, Susan Collins, John Sununu, John Thune, Jim
Talent, Greg Ganske, and Ted himself, of course. Suzanne Terrell topped
recipients with $12,000. Pat Roberts got $9,999. James Inhofe only
received $2,500, Lindsay Graham $5,000 and Gordon Smith $7,000. Saxby
Chambliss took in $5,000, Thad Cochrane $2,500 and Lamar Alexander
$5,000. Mitch McConnell scored for $2,500.

Most of these candidates got the same or larger contributions from
Northern Lights in 2008. Chambliss went to $10,000 for instance, and
Inhofe got $9,000. McConnell bagged $7,500 though Sununu went down to
that amount. Roger Wicker got $5,000, so Ted put dough in both
Mississippi races.

Stevens' friend Daniel Inoye was the only Democrat who made the list.

By his plea bargain, not only was Allen able to save the skins of many
of his VECO executives, but those of his children as well. As a result,
Mark Allen was able to remain involved in thoroughbred racing and his
horse "Mine that Bird" won the Kentucky Derby this year.

Don Young (R-AK) $190,530
"Uncle" Ted Stevens (R-AK) $102,500
Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) $42,250
George W. Bush (R) $20,050
Daniel Inouye (D-HI) $13,000
Norm Coleman (R-MN) $7,000
Richard Burr (R-NC) $6,000
Tom Coburn (R-OK) $6,000
Jim DeMint (R-SC) $6,000
John Sununu (R-NH) $6,000
John Thune (R-SD) $6,000
"Diapers" David Vitter (R-LA) $6,000
Kit Bond (R-MO) $4,516
Arlen Specter (R-PA) $4,000
George Voinovich (R-OH) $3,750
John Ensign (R-NV) $2,000
Steve Pearce (R-NM) $1,000
Jon Porter (R-NV) $1,000
Dennis Rehberg (R-MT) $1,000
Barbara Cubin (R-WY) $500
"Widestance" Larry Craig (R-ID) $200

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