Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mary Pitt: "Let them Filibuster"

The Democrats are terribly worried about their ability to gain the
sixty votes required for cloture in order to vote for passage of their
health plan in the Senate. There are many of us, particularly on the
Progressive side who see the benefits of bringing the bill to the
floor regardless of the pre-vote count and let the speeches begin!

The Republicans are griping that the discussions regarding the content
of the bill have not been open and transparent as promised by
Candidate Obama. Committees have had meetings and administration
officials have consulted experts in closed door sessions. Now it is
time for the "transparency" for which they pine.

Those bills should be brought to the floor in the state prepared by
the respective committees and then allow the floor debates to be aired
on C-Span. The benefits for the American people will be enormous.
There in all their splendor will stand various and assorted
"statesmen" in the very act of speaking for the people of their own
states and giving their reasons for the direction of their impending

Allow all the seniors who have been told that their benfits would be
threatened by the passage of these measures understand precisely what
is in the proposed legislation. Let them know without a doubt that
there is no provision for "unplugging Granny".

Allow the unemployed heads of household to watch C-Span as they
attempt to pay the family bills with not quite enough money while they
worry about the cough that awoke them during the night. They live
daily with the fear of yet another doctor's bill which could cost them
their home and require that they seek shelter elsewhere.

Allow the low-income worker who is suffering from an ache or an
intermittent pain who dares not go to the doctor to have it checked
out because of the high deductible required by his employer's decision
to cut the coverage to save on expenses. These things may not generate
enough pressure against the nay-sayers but it will certainly be
remembered by the voters in each and every district next November.

Then let them stand before the final Court of the land. the people,
whom they vowed to represent in the Halls of Congress and try to
persuade them that the reasons they gave their fellow solos were for
the good of the listeners. We have seen the Tea Baggers and the other
manipulated minions of the Right with their prepared talking points.
Now let the "public advocates" explain the facts to their fellow
legislators and the angry voters why they should vote on their behalf
rather than for the insurance companies who have filled the campaign
coffers with all those lovely dollars.

"We, the people" have limited opportunity to make our needs felt and
to offer direction to our representative to Congress. The next chance
for us to speak with authority will be next year. Let us really
witness the performance of those who were elected to represent us and
then to determine whether they have done it properly or whether some
changes need to be made. That decision will only be made easier if we
are allowed to see their performance in their own arena.

Please, let them filibuster!

The author is a very "with-it" old lady who aspires to bring a bit of
truth, justice, and common sense to a nation that has lost touch with
its humanity in the search for "societal perfection".

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