Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tell Somebody: "Crosby Kemper Talks" - KKFI Radio

This Tuesday, 6pm Oct 20 on Tell Somebody on KKFI, Crosby Kemper talks about tax abatement in Kansas City.

Last August, I attended a meeting of the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority that was dealing with a tax break for developers looking for a handout for a new office building for lawyers in the River Market area in Kansas City. At that meeting, Kemper lectured the PIEA about "...this weird Alice In Wonderland world we've created where nothing can be done in Kansas City without tax incentives because everybody expects that there will be a tax incentive..." and how this was taking money away from the school district and the library systems that the voters had approved for them.

This week on Tell Somebody you can hear an in-depth discussion of Crosby Kemper's views on TIF and other tax abatement policies in Kansas City.

That’s 6-7pm Central this Tuesday on 90.1 FM KKFI, streaming at www.kkfi.org.

And, another new show is now up online at www.tellsomebody.us.

Last week I spoke to Dr. Victor Sidel, a co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility about his Sunday October 18 speech at Community Christian Church in Kansas City about Healthcare vs Warfare.

I also spoke to Kansas City, Kansas native Ed Asner about It's Up to Us Alone, a radio play on the conflict in the Middle East, which had its world premiere on KKFI last Thursday. Asner also talks about his current one man show on FDR, and I asked him about his support for a new 9/11 commission.

You can download a copy of the show here:

PSR co-founder Dr. Victor Sidel & Ed Asner ,

find a link at www.tellsomebody.us,


or subscribe to the podcast for free at the iTunes Store..

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