Friday, October 30, 2009

Tom Klammer: "Tell Somebody" Scheduling Announcements - KKFI Radio

Coming up: A new film, shown recently at the Kansas International Film Festival, will play at the Tivoli in Kansas City on Veterans Day and will be featured on an upcoming edition of Bill Moyers Journal.
Two years ago, Tell Somebody talked to WWII vet Ed Wood, featured now in the new film The Good Soldier, and coming up next Tuesday on Tell Somebody, I'll talk to the film maker.
Also about two years ago, I talked to Curt Ellis, one of the producers of King Corn. They've got a sequel coming out called Big River- I'll have a talk with him about that, and will be posting both of the previous shows - King Corn and Worshipping the Myths of World War II onlline soon.
The Emily Taylor Women's Resource Center at KU has been circulating copies of a big poster featuring female KU students, staff, and alumnae that they are honoring this year as Women of Distinction. One of those so honored was KKFI's own Rhonda LeValdo, host of Native Spirit Radio. Last Tuesday's edition of Tell Somebody featured Rhonda LeValdo. We talked about her show, her stand on sports mascots, and how she went to Washington DC last year as a top-10 finalist in an international video competition. Click here for more information and a link to an mp3 of the show: Native Spirit Radio's Rhonda LeValdo
Last week's Tell Somebody with KCMO Library Director and former UMB CEO Crosby Kemper talking about out-of-control tax abatement handouts for developers is also now online : Crosby Kemper - Out of Control Tax Abatement
And, with a special election coming up next week for renewal of the COMBAT tax, I've posted a recent edition of Sharon Lockhart's show Every Woman. On October 10th, Sharon and cohost Alexis Burdick talked to a couple of homeowners who found the home they bought a little over a year ago had been, years earlier, designated a COMBAT DART house. Why is that such a big problem for them, and why has this edition of of Every Woman gotten the attention of so many people (including the director of COMBAT!) ? LIsten to the show and find out for yourself! Click here: DART House Nightmare on Every Woman Show
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