Saturday, January 09, 2010

George Kenney: "Podcast Interview w/ Jytte Klausen ref: The Danish cartoon controversy" - Discomfit Magazine

Dear Michael,

When I recorded this interview in early December I had no idea that it could become so topical in early January. But with last week's axe attack on the Aarhus cartoonist whose lampooning of Muhammad in 2005 caused such a ruckus, Jytte Klausen's recent book The Cartoons That Shook the World, is more relevant than ever. Especially, perhaps, since the publisher, Yale University Press, censored the book by removing all potentially inflammatory illustrations just before it was printed.

We have a real problem, I think, if we're going to self-censor ourselves out of fear or out of some kind of misplaced cross-cultural sensitivity. But this is obviously a very complex set of issues and people with a conscience will have a wide range of views...

Indeed, I generalize from Jytte's experience in different ways than she does. Nevertheless, it was fascinating to hear her perspective and she gives us a lot to think about.

With this podcast our regular EP schedule resumes for 2010. I wish you a Happy New Year!!



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