Sunday, February 28, 2010

George Kenney: "Podcast interview w/ Dr. Ellen J. Langer, Re: Mindfulness"

Dear Michael,

Some weeks ago I saw a fascinating news squib on the BBC website, reporting on work by Ellen J. Langer, of Harvard, to the effect that the way people think affects how long they live. Upon looking up more details I realized that Ellen's findings actually go well beyond that -- they're both fascinating and critically important in themselves as regards personal well-being, but they also, I should imagine, have a profound application to politics in the sense of empowering us to imagine, and create, alternative ways of doing things.

To make a long story short I contacted Ellen and she very kindly agreed to be interviewed. This was doubly gracious as she was at the time on vacation in Mexico.

She's an interesting character, a very classy lady, the first woman to be tenured in the psychology department at Harvard, an unconventional thinker, very much a trail-blazer. Indeed, sometime this year there will be a major motion picture out, starring Jennifer Aniston as Ellen. I didn't go into any of Ellen's personal background in our interview but I mention it here to pique your interest.

I hope you find this podcast rewarding, and I hope you buy (and read) Ellen's book.

As always, please feel free to forward the link.



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