Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Global Village School: "K - 8 Whole Child, Healthy Planet" Earth Day, 2010

In addition to core subjects, an innovative distance learning school teaches children to respect and care for the environment while encouraging nonviolence, peace and justice.

Ojai, CA April 20, 2010 -- In celebration of Earth Day (April 22), Global Village School, a leader in distance learning through homeschooling, is proud to announce its new K-8 Whole Child, Healthy Planet curriculum. This innovative approach in education features a learning styles-centered program, focusing on engaging the whole child with an emphasis on diversity and developmental stages.

The school’s new K-8 curriculum guides are centered on the four core principles of the Earth Charter: (1) Respect and Care for the Community of Life (2) Ecological Integrity (3) Social & Economic Justice (4) Democracy, Nonviolence, Peace and Diversity.

Families of children attending Global Village School are already enthusiastic about the new curriculum. Parent Beth Campbell-Rafdal says, “We received our Whole Child, Healthy Planet curriculum guide last week. We are so excited that we found Global Village School. I feel as though the curriculum was written for our family! Thank you for helping us navigate an even more meaningful path of homeschooling with our kids.”

While most standard curriculum is shaped by a textbook and a workbook, the Whole Child, Healthy Planet curriculum is built around the inspiration found in many types of literature. Sally Carless, founder and Executive Director of Global Village School explains, “The K8 curriculum guides cover all of the core academic subjects in a way that engages students through a sense of enchantment, awe, and wonder as well as through the incorporation of art, music, nature, imagination, and story.”

“Global Village is truly a school with heart,” says Marriage, Family and Child Counselor Nancy Hart, M.A.. “How can a child truly learn when his or her focus is the fear around test taking and memorization? If the strongest emotion around schooling is fear, then that fear gets connected to the learning process. Promoting the love of learning, not the fear of failing to learn--wow! What a concept! Isn't this what we want for our children?”

About Global Village School -
From its base in the coastal hills of Southern California, this successful distance learning school reaches out to students as far away as Arkansas, Argentina and Australia. The school offers an international K-12 homeschool diploma program that empowers students to cultivate their gifts and passions by engaging them in a creative, flexible educational process grounded in the principles of peace, justice, diversity, and sustainability.

The K8 Whole Child, Healthy Planet curriculum is currently being used by private and charter schools as well as by homeschoolers. To explore samples of the K8 courses, visit www.globalvillageschool.org/k8-curriculum.html.

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