Friday, June 11, 2010

George Kenney: "Electric Politics Podcast with former SEAL Dick Couch" @ Discomfit Magazine

Dear Michael,

As a general rule, it's usually better to try to do a good thing imperfectly than not to try at all. Here, Dick Couch, a former SEAL, explains why the military should give more training in moral decision-making to front-line troops, and particularly to special forces personnel. Sounds good, but moral decision-making entails a lot more than merely following a set of rules -- and it's still not entirely clear to me how one makes a soldier a capable moral agent. In any case, Dick is pursuing a worthwhile goal.

Take this one as a snapshot of current moral thinking among military officers. How representative it is, I just don't know.

Dick had quite a distinguished career as a Vietnam era SEAL, including leading a team that rescued some POWs from the North Vietnamese -- one of the very few such attempts that succeeded. Subsequently, he's authored quite a few books, both fiction and non-fiction, has taught at the Naval Academy, and has lectured widely.

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PS I'm having one of my iron-overload episodes this morning, so I may sound slightly funky in my intro and exit comments, recorded moments before the worst of it hit.

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