Friday, July 23, 2010

George Kenney Podcast: "Dr. John Reganold on agricultural evolution" @ Electric Politics

Dear Michael,

Yesterday I drove out to the Lewis Orchards farm stand in Dickerson, Maryland, and brought home a couple of cantaloupes, some yellow peaches, some fresh corn, some heirloom tomatoes, and a few other vegetables. Cost, not including gasoline, almost $40 -- not cheap! But the cantaloupe with some good, thinly sliced ham on top, a fresh baguette, some Brie, and a nice Beaujolais, is almost as good as taking a vacation in the south of France. Yum!

To be honest, food is a central part of my life. Good food, usually organic, though not always. Local, if possible. And I love to cook.

So when I read some science commentary regarding Dr. John Reganold's academic work, something along the lines of 'he's heralding the biggest agricultural revolution since the domestication of crops 10,000 years ago,' and when I also realized that John is a pioneer in organic agriculture, I figured I had to talk with him.

Now, fair warning: this one rambles a bit, it's longer than usual and, to be honest, longer than it should be if I were strict about interviews, but if you're interested in agriculture and food you'll probably find it time well spent.

As always, if you like the podcast please feel free to redistribute the link.



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