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The Daily Bleed: 8/31 Raymond Williams ...

The paired butterflies are already yellow with
Over the grass in the west garden;
They hurt me. I grow older.

— Ezra Pound, "The River Merchant's Wife: A Letter"

Bleed, in full color....

Black & white excerpts:

Saint-Simonian/utopian "Pope," gender equalitarian.



1521 -- Cortes & his Indian allies take Tenochtitlan.

Suddenly, all at once, the cries & the drums cease.
Gods & men have been defeated. With the gods'
death, time has died. With the men's death, the city
has died....

A stunning silence reigns. & the rain begins to fall.
Thunder & lightning fill the sky, & it rains all through
the night...

Fire burns the soles of Emperor Cuauhtemoc's feet,
anointed with oil, while the world is silent, & it rains.

Memory of Fire: Genesis, Eduardo Galeano
See also excerpts from
Century of the Wind" & "Faces & Masks

1867 -- French decadent writer Charles Baudelaire dies.

1893 -- US: Scheduled to speak to the unemployed,
Emma Goldman is arrested in Philadelphia on NY
warrants charging her with incitement to riot.

1894 -- France: Paul Robin's libertarian Cempuis school at
Prévost Orphanage is shut down by the government.

1895 -- US: First issue of Julius Wyland's Kansas-based
socialist newspaper, "An Appeal to Reason," is published.

1908 -- William Saroyan (The Human Comedy) lives.

1909 -- Spanish anarchist teacher Francisco Ferrer
captured after hiding for five weeks in caves on his farm.

The judicial murder of Ferrer was an act not
only of gross injustice but political stupidity...

The Spanish Anarchists, Murray Bookchin


1913 -- Ireland: All Dublin waited to see if Larkin would
keep his promise. The street was packed on the day.
Hundreds of police lined up on both sides.
Suddenly on the balcony of Murphy's own
Imperial Hotel a bearded man appeared.
The false beard was discarded...

1919 -- US: Communist Labor Party of America is formed in Chicago
(3rd Internat'l) by John Reed & others. Later becomes the American
Communist Party.

Domino Pizza topples, Downfall of America follows uno momento...

1925 -- Haiti: A+?: US Marines end 11-year occupation,
"protecting US interests".

1928 -- Germany: Die Dreigroschenoper (The Threepenny Opera) by
composer Kurt Weill & playwright Bertolt Brecht premieres in Berlin.
The play masterfully captures the decadence & spirit of the days of the
Weimar Republic.

1939 -- US: Nearly all of the 430 workers at the California
Sanitary Canning Company stage a massive walkout.

Most of the workers are Mexican-American women...

1946 -- Hiroshima by John Hersey appears complete
in "The New Yorker."

1948 -- Kurt Weill/Berthold Brecht opera "Happy End"
premiers, Berlin.

1954 -- More Domino Pizza Theory?: US government orders British
novelist Graham Greene, visiting Puerto Rico, to leave. The bum
had once joined the Communist Party as a 19-year-old as a prank.
This American colony....well,

America is for freedom — not like that Castro guy over
to that island just over the way.

1974 -- In federal court, John Lennon testifies the
Nixon administration tried to have him deported....

1983 -- Police use tear gas & water cannons on
10,000 Solidarity demonstrators, Nowa Huta, Poland.

1988 -- US: Five-day power blackout of downtown Seattle
begins. Strange: nobody notices until the fourth day.

Every citizen now understands what it is like to be a politician.

1988 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Senator
Orrin Hatch calls the Democrats "The party of homosexuals",
& then denies he said it. Problem is someone got it on tape....

1994 -- Tajikistan: Anti-government demonstrators occupy
the presidential palace. Nice digs.

2000 -- US: Blackout Books, New York's only anarchist bookstore
closes, due to the festering blight of gentrification afflicting the East Village.

2000 -- Chile: The number of criminal complaints against Beloved &
Respected Comrade Leader Augusto Pinochet reaches 170.

2003 -- US: Revolutionary Soccer Tournament Cup Bay Area,
Game 2 postponed until the 14th.

2004 --Canada: Ichiro Suzuki becomes first baseball player since...
to get 57 hits in a month, while chasing George Sisler's
record for most hits in a season (257). At his current pace
he's on course to hit 262. Meanwhile across the border,
Steinbrenner's Yankees are pasted 22-0, their worst loss in
baseball history. — anticopyRite 2001, 2002, 2003, hiccup, 2005, 2006, hiccup, 2010

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