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The Daily Bleed, 10/11/2010

The tree bleeds into the lines of my palms
& I am raised up in the hissing branches
above the Sunday traffic.
I can hear the atoms buning in the bricks
rose-gray ashes drifting from the cornices.

— William Witherup
excerpt, "On Campus in Kentucky,"
Uzzano Number Four, Winter 1977

Bleed, full blast,


Editor of "The Masses", radical feminist, labor activist.

NATIONAL BOOKKEEPER'S DAY. Good day for cooking?

England: Traditionally, the very last day for
blackberrying. Get to baking!

Today, the Devil is defeated in the War in Heaven by
Archangel Michael & cohorts, & is cast out. He lands
on Earth in a blackberry bush & curses the berries,
blighting them each year with his piss & spits on this

"... It is pleasanter to eat one's own peas out of one's
garden, than to buy them by the peck at Covent
Garden," declares writer Charles Lamb today in 1802.


1531 -- Zwingli killed in Battle of Kappel. Swiss protestant
radical leader, humanist leveller.

1874 -- US: "Masses" editor Mary Heaton Vorse lives. Radical
feminist, labor activist, author of Strike!, Labor's New Millions,
etc. A 'proletarian' novelist, cited in Walter Rideout’s The
Radical Novel in the US

1885 -- Novelist François Mauriac, 1952 Nobel Prize
winner, lives... Supported Algerian independence, &
allied with Catholics on the left.

1893 -- Australia: Larry Petrie came out of gaol on or
about today. An anarchist & Australian Workers Union
Secretary-Organiser in Sydney,

"(He) used to sing in a good, baritone voice The Marseillaise
to gather a good crowd around him ....

Raising his only arm when he sang 'to arms, my citizens'
was always good for a laugh ....."

1901 -- Frank Wedekind play "The Marquis of Keith" premiers, Berlin.

1906 -- US: San Francisco orders Oriental children
segregated in schools...

1910 -- Nicaragua: Three generals & a US company
official form a governing junta.

1917 -- France: Following a trial begun October 4th in Paris,
anarchists involved in publishing a clandestine issue of the
newspaper "Le Libertaire" are heavily sentenced for such
impudence, receiving 1 to 3 years in prison.

1924 -- Founding of the Bureau of Surrealist Research.

1925 -- Elmore Leonard, mystery writer of the dark side,
& great western pulps, lives.

1927 -- Canada: Emma Goldman's ambitious lecture series,
October 11-December 8, begins, Toronto;
18 lectures & covers drama as well as social
& literary topics

1935 -- Argentina: Founding of Federación Anarco-Comunista
Argentina. (FACA). Founders include Antonio Casanova.
Changed its name in 1955, now the Federación Libertaria Argentina.

1939 -- Coleman Hawkins records his famous
"Body & Soul" in NY City.

1945 -- Chinese civil war begins, Chiang Kai-Shek
vs. Mao. Chiang beseeches his troops:

"Hold the Mao!"

1958 -- Second US attempt to send a rocket around the
moon fails when its excessively high trajectory causes it
to fall back to earth.

US space program will improve under von Braun &
the 126 Peenemunders. Most were dedicated
German Nazis, whisked out of Europe to
continue their work for the US. At the time of their
surrender they were working on a rocket to deliver
warheads on New York City, as they had done to
London with the V-2.

Under Operation Paperclip, these potential war
criminals were slipped into the US & kept under

Gather round while I sing you of Wernher von Braun
A man whose allegiance
Is ruled by expedience
Call him a Nazi, he won't even frown
"Ha, Nazi schmazi," says Wernher von Braun

— Tom Lehrer, "Wernher Von Braun"

1958 -- During this month: "10 jaar experimentele
kunst: Jorn en zijn rol in de theoretische inventie ('Ten years
of experimental art: Jorn & his role in theoretical invention'),
by Guy Debord, appears in Dutch in Museumjournaal,
the Netherlands.

1961 -- US: Tom Hayden & Paul Potter beaten during
a visit to voter registration activities.

1963 -- Blood of the Poet: Jean Cocteau, Surrealist poet,
filmmaker, painter, secret Masonic bigwig dies.
Daily Bleed Saint, 1998.

1963 -- Edith Piaf, French singer, dies at 47, near Paris.
Daily Bleed Saint December 19, 2005.

Edith encouraged a number of anarchist songsters
like Léo Ferré & François-Henri Jolivet.

[Today] "marks the death of another saint: Édith Piaf.
If her life wasn't anarchy, then I misunderstand the term."

— Bleedster Larry

Ten years, & it’s still on the
Radio. "La Vie en rose"
Spills out of a dozen windows
Onto the canal. A woman
And her son in a vegetable
Barge sing it. A man polishing
The prow of his gondola
Sings it while his dog wags its tail.
Children playing hopscotch sing it.
Grimy half washed clothes hang overhead.
Garbage floats in the narrow canal.
More radios join in. Across
The canal, beyond the iron windows
Of the Women’s Prison, a hundred
Pure voices of pickpockets
And prostitutes start to sing it.
It is just like being in church.
The next number is Ciao, ciao, bambina.

— Kenneth Rexroth, "Rose Colored Glasses"
("La Vie en rose," a popular Piaf song)

1976 -- Gang of Four arrested in Berlin.
Chinese bandits or rock'n'roll band??

1983 --
"I'd tell them to just say no."

— Beloved & Starstruck Comrade Leader
Acting First Lady Nancy Reagan, introducing
the magic words that will make the nation's
drug problem go away.

1990 -- Mexican poet & essayist Octavio Paz
is awarded the Nobel Prize.

1994 -- Jennifer Harbury begins hunger strike at National
Palace in Guatemala demanding release of her husband,
Efrain Bamaca. It is later revealed that CIA-paid
Guatemalan military officials kidnapped, tortured &
murdered him. "To protect US interests" no doubt.

1997 -- Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent — Jef Jaisun
on the Dr. Demento Show life, (last played on 1997-10-11).

2002 -- US: Senate joins the House in approving US force
in Iraq, 77-23.

Like a high school football score...never complete
without its cheerleaders & pom-poms.


"You can't be a Real Country unless you
have a BEER & an airline.
It helps if you have some kind of a football
or some nuclear weapons,
but at the very least
you need a

— Frank Zappa

— anti-CopyRite 1997-3666, more or less, & thensome...

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