Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Melanie Sloan: "CREW Needs Your Help to Build a Better Washington!"

Dear Supporter,

Washington will look a lot different come January when Nancy Pelosi hands over the speaker’s gavel to John Boehner. The Republican leader is already making plans for how he’ll run the 112th Congress.

In recent days, Congressman Boehner has talked a lot about spending and tax cuts, but he hasn’t mentioned ethics and corruption. This is particularly odd considering some of the lawmakers who will make up the 112th Congress.

In the House, 19 crooks on our Most Corrupt list were just reelected—and they will be joined by three Crooked Candidates. So you’d think Mr. Boehner would want every tool at his disposal to deal with these scoundrels.

Instead, he’s actually talking about dismantling the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), the independent body charged with keeping Congress honest.

Your member of Congress will have a voice in Mr. Boehner’s decision, and one of the best ways to influence his or her opinion is by writing a letter to your local paper. Click here to take advantage of our easy to use form that will allow you to send a personalized letter to the editor in less than a minute. (There are also tools there to help you identify who your representative will be in January, if you're unsure.)

Congressman Boehner needs to know just how important the OCE is, and how it is an indispensable tool in our quest to build a better a better Washington.

Click here to send a letter.

Thanks for your support,

Melanie Sloan
Executive Director

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