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"2nd Anniversary, 'Operation Cast Lead'" @ Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights

27 December 2010

Cast Lead, the 2nd anniversary

Two year ago, Israel launched a large scale military operation on the Gaza Strip (Operation Cast Lead). The war devastated Gaza. The Israeli army killed 1,409 Palestinians; about 83% of them were non-combatants. Attacks on the civilian infrastructure and homes left tremendous destruction of civilian public and private property. During the two year after this aggression, Israel kept its blockade of Gaza, banning construction materials and preventing the devastated families from rebuilding their homes and their lives.

This page marks the second anniversary of the Israeli aggression against Gaza.

The stories, factsheets and reports it presents attempt to give a glimpse

of the conditions lived by the victims after two years of the loss of life and property


Download the stories, factsheets and reports:

Report on: On-going Displacement: Gaza’s Displaced Two Years after the War, Gaza December 27th 2010

Fact Sheet: Gaza Fishermen: Life with Poverty, Harassment and Suffering

Fact Sheet: Rubble and Scrap Collectors: Deliberate Attacks and Lack of Protection

Fact Sheet: Gaza Patients Access to Medical Treatment Abroad, 27 December 2010

Story: Two Years after Cast Lead: Two Years: Still Displaced

Story: Story: Two Years after Cast Lead: Lives Still Destroyed, When You Beg to Be Used as a Human Shield!

For information about this issue or other human rights situations in Gaza, please contact Mahmoud Abu Rahma, Communications & Int'l Relations Coordinator at:

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