Thursday, December 09, 2010

Jonathan Cook: "Unabridged forward to 'A Doctor in Galilee'" @ Cook News, Nazareth, Palestine

Two years ago Hatim Kanaaneh published a remarkable memoir, "A Doctor
in Galilee", of his life and struggles as a Palestinian in Israel. I
wrote a very long foreword to the book, which had to be substantially
reduced because of the publisher's tight restrictions on space. Hatim
has very kindly agreed to my belatedly publishing the full version of
the foreword on my website. I hope it will encourage you to seek out
and read his important book.

The unabridged foreword can be found at:

Details of Hatim's book can be found at:

Hatim's blog can be viewed at:

A list of all my books and published chapters are available on my
archive website at:

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