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Saturday High Noon Warm - Up Essay ... by The Editor

Join in the debate on the exact temperature, time and location of Hell on Earth this next Saturday High Noon (Central Standard Time, what else)!

Recently "liberated" but still starving You Tube Tunisians are welcome too!

It's colder than Hell in Kansas since before the Xmas season, in solid weeks long sub-freezing temperatures, endless snow fields, freezing livestock and the arrival of our new super conservative state government.

Imagine using an outhouse in this weather?

Ask "Jerry" who runs a bicycle store near downtown Topeka, on College Hill near Washburn University. He'd know about crapping in the cold. Building developers stormed through the neighborhood, built a luxury condo-complex now largely uninhabited and cut off his city sewer service, two years ago and it's been a freezing ass for Jerry in a portable latrine outside his bike store since.

Gov. Sam Brownback might decide to use his new found telepathic telephone line to God to help Jerry, but I doubt he would want to interfere in the divine mandate of "due process" and conflicting jurisdictional problems, despite the heavenly talk about charity to the poor and unemployed in Kansas during his "State of the State" address this week.

And of course, there was Ian Goldsmith, once of Overland Park, Ks. tear gassed from his foreclosed home, or that cop who lost his job for allegedly opposing crazy cops in Kansas City, Kansas.

And now the same Kansas City, Kansas police department's "elite" group (including snipers) was busted, en masse (a term once used to describe the firing of cannons into unarmed mobs demanding food, way back when) just a few days ago.

Sorta gives the term "elite" new meaning, like the much abused term "God" chanted from the new Topeka statehouse.

Yes, our new super conservative "free market" loving libertarians in the statehouse must be of the Palin mindset: "Don't Retreat, Reload."

As the bi-partisan "moderates" say, "When Reason fails, just name drop 'God' declare it a Miracle from Jesus, the believers will drop down on their knees, genuflecting with a long Amen. And tell them to vote."

Except in Tunisia, so far.

Police and military snipers shooting into crowds of ubiquitous looters from the Tunisian roof tops, what deer-hunters in conservative Kansas would call "crowd control" did not establish the "proper social order" of the old regime as reported most recently at Yahoo News!

Instead many of the most hated members of the Tunisian government have disappeared or ran via a circuitous route to, of all places, fundamentalist Saudi Arabia. There is more running in store for the members of the Tunisian government, the opposition is called upon for help, click here.

Why should Gov. Sam Brownback expect no less from Kansans?

Imagine an agnostic, or maybe a "reformed" Jew, or an angry catholic among the rural poor, reading something like this quoted below during a deep Winter crap in some remote unheated Kansas outhouse?

According to the Topeka Capitol-Journal, Brownback’s swearing-in ceremony on Monday sounded like a religious revival meeting. The newspaper noted that “[e]xpressions of Christian faith were plentiful throughout the Capitol” during the event.

The newspaper reported that Brownback declared the day of his inauguration a “gift from God,” and said that faith would help the state face its economic and social problems in the same way abolitionists ended “original sin in America.”

As part of Inauguration Day, the Old Supreme Court room on the third floor of the Kansas Statehouse was reserved as a prayer room for all legislators and government officials. Throughout the day, musicians also entertained those “seeking divine guidance.”

The program was sponsored by the Capitol Commission, a ministry in more than a dozen states, as well as the Kansas Family Policy Council, a group whose purpose is to “promote and defend Judea Christian family values,” and Concerned Women for America.

That's from "A Tale of Two States" at The Wall of Separation Blog.

Would that be considered the exact time and location of Hell on Earth? I think the marginalized agnostics of any intelligent Kansan creed say, "Maybe."

The outhouse newspaper has been disposed of in a practical place. Which cannot be the same said of saintly Gov. Brownback and his many acolytes now safely seated in the leaking statehouse.

Well, at least, they must have heated indoor toilets at the statehouse, despite a leaking copper roof at the $230 million restored building, as recently reported everywhere.

And speaking of leaks, why doesn't Kansans have a form of Wikileaks?

Sorry to abuse the phrase, God knows we need a form of Wikileaks in Kansas too.

And there is the looting by those with F. I. R. E. (finance, insurance, and real estate) in deep freezer Kansas, all Gov. Sam's believers, longtime friends and his in-laws who hold deep influence and advertising pockets in the biggest media machines in the state, what about them?

They are now ready to engage in a polite profiting, "looting" as said among and from the Great Unwashed.

Polite and lawful looting has been a way of life for them in Kansas, and now with all the "free market" libertarians in government it's going to be what the profiteering pirates call a "windfall."

Sorry, God.

The true future growth industries for wage-slaves in Brownback's Kansas will be in poorly paid prison guards, pirating rent -a -cops, subsidized trailer park landlords providing day care, non-union construction work at Department of Homeland Security associated job sites and federal military jobs.

Meanwhile, our returning heroes among the heartland's Nation of Heroes we have those called in impolite company, the empire's war criminals.

They are our serial killers, unlike Bob Berdella from Kansas City and the BTK Killer from Wichita, a very devout Lutheran leader.

These men listed below bear the countenance of impeccable conservatism; unquestioning obedience, steel-like determination befitting the murderous character of the empire's enterprise. They have been determined from years among certain Kansans to be our Dear Leaders.

Why do Kansans like former Pentagon head of the JCS Gen. Richard Meyers, Sen. Pat Roberts or now Gov. Sam Brownback, remain unrecognized as polite and respectable serial killers among many Kansans?

Many wealthy Kansas conservatives tell me to not speak those names at their dining room tables, we are about to eat.

Would the real ladies and gentlemen of both Republican and Democratic political parties tell me when will Kansans cease being forced to pay for the bankrupting wars and useless 1000 military bases abroad?

The "real conservatives" the intelligent "I Like Ike" types at their holiday tables tell me of "non-interventionism" to read and cease carping about those I call "phony Koch Libertarians."

I cannot, as a matter of fact, better to be like some people who are going to try and expose the phony Koch libertarians and their many wealthy friends in Palm Springs this coming January 30th, click here to join in.

Yes all the Kansas church doors have swung open, for the benefit of the 1200 heroes serving global wars abroad in the state's National Guard, and somewhere way back in the lines of the poor and unemployed waiting for their backpacks and sacks of canned goods, more from the Nation of Heroes are coming.

Will those about to be laid off in the public schools, the road crews, the public broadcasting outlets, the public health sectors be consider something akin to a Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution?

Absolutely not, for now.

Meanwhile for something completely different, there is Radio Free Kansas.


More Internet Radio Notes from somewhere in Hell ...

A few city blocks over the N. E. Kansas - Missouri border in Kansas City, KKFI is still broadcasting 24/7/365 and streaming live on the internet, frequently blaring in the face of the cutbacks coming to local PBS television stations and Kansas Public Radio. Unfortunately, last we heard, the station dropped Free Speech Radio News recently, which barely made it through an emergency fund drive over the holidays.

We'll keep running FSRN headlines on RFK when available, but who could miss the great sucking sounds coming from Kansas and Missouri, as rock-solid super conservatism (what I call an epoxy mind-melding; part Jesus the Warrior resin, part Libertarian "free market" catalyst).

Audio Warm Up Before RFK's Saturday High Noon with:
"This is Hell in Chicago"

This Saturday, January 15, 2011, This is Hell! airs a live, three-hour broadcast beginning at 9 AM (US central time) on Chicago’s WNUR 89.3 FM, streaming live at and podcast shortly after here.

The Question From Hell! for our listeners is 'If you could have your

bitter blind broke gap-toothed radio show host Chuck Mertz answer any
question in an interview, what would it be?'

Submitted question to "This is Hell," submitted by Mike in Kansas, "Is it possible Hell has shifted and moved to Kansas where former U.S. senator, now Governor Sam Brownback has assumed the position after years of man huddling in Washington D.C.? Again has Hell shifted to Kansas?"

"It's a fool who looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart"
Ulysses Everett McGill "Oh Brother Where Art Thou"

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