Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Segregated Medicine in Kansas CityTruman Medical Center

MONDAY April 11 -- Up until the 1950s in Kansas City, if you were sick, the color of your skin determined where you could go for care. We'll explore the subject of a new documentary commissioned by Truman Medical Center, From Separate to Equal: The Creation of Truman Medical Centers, which explores the history of segregated medicine in Kansas City.

Kevin Willmott, Filmmaker
MaryKay Liston, Volunteer Archivist at Truman Medical Center


Film Explores History of Segregated Medicine in Kansas City (Elana Gordon)

And tomorrow ...

The Civella Crime Family Civella

THURSDAY April 14 -- For three decades, organized crime in Kansas City was ruled by a mobster Nick Civella. At that time, every aspect of how a city ran connected back to the mob. Author William Ouseley, a longtime FBI Agent, looks at how the mob emerged into the public eye in his book The Civella Crime Family of Kansas City.

William Ouseley, author
Monroe Dodd, historian

Bill Ouseley will discuss his new book on Sunday, April 17th at 2pm at the Central Library (14 W. 10th Street). Click here for more information.

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