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RFK Programming Notes & More Kansas Koch Libertarian News!

Radio Free Kansas

Our technical foul-ups have been worked out, though the extreme climate changes will continue to effect our satellite link to broadband which still kicks us irregularly in the pants.

Rural Kansas still has a long way to go for internet speed and we have the fastest in remote rural North Jefferson County, Kansas.

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While much has been said, especially among the Kansas Koch Libertards, concerning President Obama's citizenship the news gang at This Can't Be Happening! scooped the White House and most everybody in the fray.

Check out their exclusive report at This Can't Be Happening!

Radio Free Kansas
Upcoming Guest Schedule Bookings!

Free Speech Radio News - 30min. begins most late night RFK shows.

All guest appearances listed have been confirmed and callers are welcome during the second hour of each show 646-716-8652

Consortium News Editor Robert Parry, live next "Saturday High Noon" 30 April 2011. Mr. Parry will be on the phone with us beginning around 12:30pm (Central).

Stan Cox, Kansan author of "Sick Planet", a leading plant biologist at the Land Institute will discuss his latest work, the book "Losing Our Cool" and recent findings he reported on in a variety of publications such as Counterpunch on "Saturday High Noon" 07 May 2011.

Award winning writer, Charlie Manson prosecutor of "Helter Skelter" fame, Vincent Bugliosi will be featured guest for a special "Secular Sunday" 15 May 2011 about his latest book "Divinity of Doubt: The God Question"

Also during every "Secular Sunday" line-up, no bubble gum "pop" classical music. We've went to the academics and professionals who will help us select choice musical selections for each Sunday.

Welcome Back "America's Best Populist" to RFK
Jim Hightower's Lowdown audio commentary returns to RFK during most every episode of our late night episodes that play Monday, Wednesday and Friday beginning at 10pm (CDT) and during "Saturday High Noon."

Have a guest who you would like to hear on RFK?
Send us suggestions and/or contact information we'll try to get them on!


This just in ... from contributor "Uncle Academic" (Nortonville Sun readers know him) ... follow the link below.

"Trump on the stump and the long run up"


Kansas Koch Libertard News Notes

Now I have a number of friends who consider themselves "libertarian."
Unlike myself preferring the label as "socialist libertarian."
The better to make them cross-eyed.

However there are tens of thousands in Kansas who qualify as pure Koch Libertards because they actually believe the "free market" hocus pocus works and read Adam Smith and Ludwig Van Mises like most here rote memorize the Christian Bible.

Take Bob Weeks who writes from Wichita's "Kansas Liberty" blog, who like the Kansas Policy Institute does not disclose financial contributors. Especially those with their "economic freedom" "under attack."

Like the Billionaire Koch Bros. have been suffering of late.

Mr. Weeks just posted an attack on the journalistic cred of one Lee Fang from Think Progress.

Mr. Week is doing yeoman work the Kochs, but if you read closely his attack on Lee Fang please note there is no denial of the Kochs holding vast amounts of oil from the market to drive prices for gasoline even higher.

That is "economic freedom" for Koch Libertards and others suffering at the gas pumps.

Glorious Gov. Sam Brownback Vision Quest News

First, our Born Again Catholic Neocon governor had a vision while channeling WWII-era Winston Churchill's attitude at a recent Wichita Rotary Club meeting.

He described seeing "wagon trains" crossing the Flint Hills which he plans on turning into a mellower horse riding version of the Sturgis motorcycle gathering, complete with a "destination hotel."

Then he started this week according to a recent article in the Topeka Capital Journal with yet another vision of the vast state employees pension fund (called KPERS). The governor "envisioned" the fund being turned into a 401k to be managed by some money temple parasites that finangled the onset of this last Great Recession.

I couldn't resist temptation and posted in the comment section of the article that appeared in the Topeka Capital Journal some badly rhymed words.

Spare yourself the effort of scrolling through all the many comments there.

I posted a reprint that miserably failed in the poetry contest at our Nortonville Sun, which always makes raised eyebrows.

Read my "Recipe for Koch Libertard John Birch Stew" there.

Thank you for not commenting on my lack of poetry writing skills.

Add news shorts, protest announcements and sustainable life-style shorts from Kansas and Radio Free Kansas is now close to "Online Radio Station" status at the BlogTalkRadio network.

Thanks to you, our supporters, friends and neighbors!

"It's a fool who looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart"
Ulysses Everett McGill "Oh Brother Where Art Thou"

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