Monday, July 18, 2011

Roger Leisner: "Surreal Scene at Maine Parade"

Joined by Bring Our War $$$ Home, Code Pink and others, Women in Black and Veterans for Peace marched in the Old Hallowell Day Parade on Saturday morning for the 10th year in row.

A surreal scene took place before the parade when GOP US Senator Olympia Snowe stopped by and visited the Peace contingent. Joined eventually by Hallowell Mayor Charlotte Warren and GOP State Senator Roger Katz, a surreal scene took place with high powered politicians and peace advocates mixing before the parade.

Bruce Gagnon of Bring Our War $$$ Home used the
opportunity to let Olympia know how we Mainers felt about defense budget, plus he got Olympia to pose with the puppet which we used in the parade.
During the parade, the marchers with their banners and huge puppet were applauded and received well along the route. Afterwards, we were notified that we had won second prize for most original parade entry.
Thank you to all who marched. You made a difference.

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