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Daily Bleed, 24 August 2011, Howard Zinn's Birthday, etc.

Daily Bleed, in full,
many graphics & a few links...

Text excerpts:

Premier American anarchist historian,
rights activist.

Tailor-made?: Originally a 12th-century cloth fair, opening
with the snapping of shears, but by the 15th-century it is
a raucous, rowdy pandemonium of midways, freaks, sideshows,
performing animals. After 1640 London theaters shut down to
come perform at this fair.


410 -- Rome overrun by Visigoths, symbolizes fall of
Western Roman Empire. Domino Pizza Theory proven correct.

1456 -- Printing of the Gutenberg Bible is completed in Mainz.

1827 -- US: "Mechanics Gazette" is published in Philadelphia.
The first US labor paper is a direct result of a strike by 600

1847 -- Charlotte Brontë dispatches Jane Eyre to the publishing house.
Did she walk or take a cab?

1889 -- Jorge Luis Borges lives, Buenos Aires.

[...]A key which has lost its lock.
What can we be looking for in the attic
except the flotsam of disorder?
To forgetting, to all forgotten objects, I have just erected
this monument (unquestionably less durable than bronze)
which will be lost among them.

1916 -- France: Léo Ferré lives; legendary songster (d.1993).
Composer, popular performer. Daily Bleed Saint 2005-2010éo ferré

1922 -- Virginia Woolf writes Lytton Strachey after reading
the first six chapters of James Joyce's Ulysses:

"Never have I read such tosh..."

1922 -- US: American radical historian, human rights activist
Howard Zinn lives (d.2010), Brooklyn, New York.

1930 -- Indochina: Two killed in riots on third
anniversary of Sacco & Vanzetti execution...

1943 -- Simone Weil dies, Ashford, Kent, England.
Seven people attend her funeral. Mystic philosopher,
journalist, laborer & christian anarchist.

Kisses and embraces disgusted her.
I never saw her cry.
She loved tobacco.
Of all the things belonging

to material life, tobacco
was the only one
she was almost certain
to accept. This smoke

has been transformed into pages
covered with writing
in my copybooks, she said.
She was counting out one time

the money she had earned
harvesting grapes. I told her
I had no illusions about
the destination

of this sum, whereupon
she replied with disarming
spontaneity, But
I shall certainly also buy a few books.

1954 -- Congress passes Communist Control Act, signed by
Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Dwight D. Eisenhower.
& here you thought Uncle Joe was in control of the Commies...

"the jury, under instructions from
the court, shall consider...
whether the
accused person...

... 8. Has written,
spoken, or in any
other way
communicated by
signal, semaphore,
sign, or in any
other form of

"Is Control in control?


— William S. Burroughs

1967 -- Abbie Hoffman & Jerry Rubin throw 300 one-dollar
bills from balcony onto floor of New York Stock Exchange...

"Sacred cows make the best

— Abbie Hoffman

1971 -- US: State Attorney Edward Hanrihan of Illinois indicted in
Chicago for attempting to block the prosecution of a policeman
who raided a Black Panther apartment, murdering two activists.

1982 -- Ludovic Masse dies in Perpignan, France.
Proletarian & libertarian writer...

In 1940, his pacifist & anarchist ideas forced him to quit
teaching & he devoted himself to writing fiction:
Le Refus (Apology for Pacifism) (1946), Le vin pur
(The Vigneronnes Revolts) (1945), & many others such
as Le mas des Oubells (1932), Les trabucayres (1955),
La terre du liège (1953).

1987 -- US: Bayard Rustin, prominent civil rights & anti-military
activist in 1950s & 1960s, dies.

1987 -- Kansas? Toto?: Announcement of possible Martian tornadoes.

2000 -- "The City Wears Slouch Hat" in NY City.
This radio play by Kenneth Patchen was performed only once in 1941
on CBS Radio. The original music score was written by John Cage.
The revived play shows this week at the Experimental Theatre, Henry
Street Settlement, Aug. 16-27.

Patchen, novelist, poet & anarchist, is regarded as one of the
forefathers of the beat movement, & was the first poet to
combine spoken word with jazz music, performing with the likes
of Charlie Parker & Charles Mingus. Patchen's friend Kenneth
Rexroth was another prominent poet involved in this
development of jazz poetry.


Thermonuclear weapons systems & soft drink
commercials coexist in an overlit realm ruled by
advertising & pseudoevents, science &
pornography...[culminating] in the most terrifying
casualty of the century: the death of affect...

— J.G. Ballard


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