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Daily Bleed: 26/Feb./2012 - MABEL DODGE LUHAN, et. al.

  ...... no one has
                more thirst for earth, for blood, & for
                ferocious sexuality than the creatures who
                inhabit cold mirrors.

                — Alejandra Pizarnik, The Bloody Countess

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American salonista, feminist, pacifist, bohemian.

Burgsonndeg, Luxembourg: a movable FIRE FESTIVAL
to greet the returning sun.

              So sorry, Seattle...

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1802 -- Victor Hugo (1802-1885) lives.
Poet/playwright/novelist, leader of the French Romantic movement.
Wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Nietzsche refers to him as
"The lighthouse in a sea of absurdity."

        Exiled French republican, romantic, great novelist.

        "There is one thing stronger than all the armies
        in the world, & that is an idea whose
        time has come."

1808 -- French social satirist Honore Daumier lives.

1848 -- England: In London, 29 year old Karl Marx
publishes The Communist Manifesto.

1861 --

            The father is silent...

            Oh God, there is no God!

                           — Multatuli

                                alias Eduard Douwes Dekker,
  from "The Prayer of the Ignorant",
                                The Hague, 26 February 1861,
                                published in De Dageraad,

1870 -- US: New York's first subway line opens.

   The people all filled the station, a million head or more
   George used his elbows & his knees until he reached the door
   But when he reached those portals, he could not take the gaff
   The conductor shut the door on him & cut poor George in half

   The train pulled out of Times Square, the swiftest on the line
   It carried poor George's head along, but it left his body behind
   Poor Georgie died a hero's death, a legend [martyr] plain to see
   & the very last words poor Georgie said were "Screw the IRT"

   Now when you ride the IRT & you approach Times Square
   Incline your head a few degrees & say a silent prayer
   For his body it lies between the ties, amidst the dust & dew
   & his head it rides the IRT to Flatbush Avenue.

    — Dave Van Ronk , excerpt, Georgie on the IRT

1894 -- France: Jean Grave is charged for writing & publishing
La société mourante et l'anarchie.

            Octave Mirbeau, who wrote the preface, testified in
            Grave's behalf, as did Élisée Reclus, Paul Adam, &
            Bernard Lazare — but to no avail.

            For his dastardly crime Grave was sent to prison
            for two years & the court ordered his book destroyed.

1911 -- US: Emma Goldman speaks in St. Louis,
February 26 through March 3.

  With the help of William Marion Reedy, her
  lectures are widely attended. Here she meets political
  artist Robert Minor, & Roger Baldwin arranges two
  speaking engagements for Goldman at the exclusive
  Wednesday Ladies' Club.

  Reedy was a literary entrepreneur who played a large
  role in breaking down the genteel literary tradition,
  developing a native poetry, & helping to form some fifty
  significant poets.

  Emily Dickinson, Stephen Crane, Ezra  Pound, Edwin
  Arlington Robinson, Amy Lowell, Sara Teasdale, Carl
  Sandburg, & Vachel Lindsay are just a few of the writers
  whose works Reedy featured in his weekly magazine,
  the Mirror.

1915 -- England: Armed & Dangerous? Armaments workers
on the Clyde strike for more pay.

1920 -- Italy: Last appearance of Umanita Nova, anarchist
daily paper published in Milan & Rome (circulation 50,000).
Founded by Errico Malatesta, with many contributors, including
Luigi (Gigi) Damiani, Luigi Fabbri, Camillo Berneri, Nella
Giacometti, etc.

1940 -- Russia: Innovative movement theorist Vsevolod
Meyerhold (1874-1940) executed — on or about — today.

  Founding member of the Moscow Art Theater. Symbolist, talented
  experimental director of the 1920s & 1930s, whose work inspired
  revolutionary artists & filmmakers of his era. A victim of Stalin's
  terror, arrested & imprisoned in 1939 until today.

Daily Bleed Saint, February 9

1991 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader
Big Bush is just another crook, admitting supporting Khmer
Rouge (The Killing Fields) in Cambodia — an illegal act.

1991 -- Iraq: US air forces, in the infamous "turkey shoot,"
drop fuel-air bombs & massacre thousands of retreating Iraqi
personnel on the Basra road from Kuwait.

    Victors are not
    charged with "crimes against humanity"...

    Nor is it politically
    correct to call Americans "terrorists".

1993 -- US: Terrorist bomb blast rips though seven floors of
New York City's World Trade Center, killing 6, injuring 1,000.
By the following day, over 40 groups claim responsibility. A
prelude to September 11, 2001 & all the political loony Bins.

1998 -- US: Saddam? International weapons inspection
team, including Canadian MP Libby Davies, is not allowed to
determine the presence of weapons of mass destruction at the
Bangor (Washington) nuclear submarine base. Aerial photos
the same day, however, suggest the odds of such heinous
weapons are pretty damn high.

2011 -- Brazil: A judge blocks construction of the Belo Monte Dam
on the Amazon Basin after it fails to meet environmental requirements.


               Let us have compassion for those under
               chastisement. Alas, who are we ourselves?
               Who am I & who are you? Whence do we
               come & is it quite certain that we did
               nothing before we were born? This earth is
               not without some resemblance to a jail. Who
               knows but that man is a victim of divine
               justice? Look closely at life. It is so
               constituted that one senses punishment

                                   — Victor Hugo


 — anti-Chastisement, 1997-2012 or thereabouts

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