Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Kansas Sierra Club, Occupy Koch Town Announcement, Feb. 17 - 19

RSVP today and stand with us in
demanding a future beyond oil
and corporate greed!

Dear Friends and fellow Sierrans and all imperiled by the Keystone XL pipeline,

For years, the Koch Brothers have leaned on our politicians to preserve the dominance of fossil fuels and the "one percenters."

Now Friends and Sierrans of the pipeline region can come to the Kochs' hometown and corporate headquarters, Wichita, Kansas, along with our neighbors of the Occupier movement, to call out opposition to the Kochs for their threats to our future. (This will highlight our environmental issues as part of the Occupiers' agendas.)

No on Keystone XL
Attend Occupy Koch Town, February 17 - 19, and stand with us against the Keystone XL Pipeline and Corporate Corruption. Help us send the message to move beyond oil and corporate greed! 

Friday, February 17: Friday afternoon we'll meet to prepare props and signs and to speak to the students at Wichita State University on campus at the Rhatigan Student Center. The program will feature evening orientation, early registration, First Nations welcome, 'practice' and get acquainted.

Saturday, February 18: On Saturday morning, we'll meet at the Grand Chapel to hear speakers like Bill McKibben and plan for this very important political year. On Saturday afternoon, we'll march through downtown Wichita as a wake-up call to American voters and rally outside the Kansas Policy Institute – the Koch Brothers' think tank.

Sunday, February 19: On Sunday, we'll have more actions to include canvass for petition signatures and voter registration, Interfaith and First Nations send-off.
We will have a limited number of seats on chartered busses headed toward this event. Some camping, inexpensive and free overnight accommodations may be available. Furthermore, lunch and dinner on Saturday is available for a cost.

Please take a few minutes to complete the registration form regarding your attendance, transportation, lodging and Saturday's lunch and dinner.

You'll find details of our plan for Occupy Koch Town on February 17-19 at our Occupy Koch Town website. Presidents' Day weekend is a perfect time for this rally!  We will commend President Obama's disapproval of the Keystone XL pipeline, and call for him to remain steadfast in promoting the general welfare with wise energy policy.

It takes social change to put sound governmental energy policies intoplace. Individual concern is important, but the 1960s showed that public assemblies are necessary for galvanizing overwhelming support.

Please gather with like-minded Friends, Sierrans and Occupiers at Occupy Koch Town, to spread the news that 2012 demands extraordinary political effort from us!

Please note: We have taken a NON-VIOLENCE pledge for the event and NO CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE actions will be scheduled.
Thank you for taking the time to protect our environment,
Yvonne A. Cather, Chair
Sierra Club Kansas Chapter

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P.P.S.: For maps of the pipeline states and previous articles regarding this movement, as well as to find out why Kansas is an integral state, please read the following:
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Don’t forget to express your support and donate to this very important event! If you could help send someone else or donate to help us provide more buses for those otherwise unable to attend would be helpful. We realize some of you are unable to travel, yet could help in this way!
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