Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maybe it is a "War on Women"? In Kansas no one hears them, until they scream.

An essay by Michael Caddell, North Jefferson County, Kansas.
Spouse to Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus, 26 years.

Yes the newspaper the Topeka Capital Journal, once part of the Stauffer family news media monopoly, till Gov. Sam Brownback married their daughter and decided to run for elected office, has pulled their heads from the presses and glanced at the internet spinning around them.

Almost fifty years ago I rode a bicycle miles and miles around Burlington, Ks. each summer day and delivered their newspapers for several school vacations.  It's a bittersweet experience for me on the internet, watching this trajectory through time and cyberspace, the state legislators playing games with one of the state's surviving daily newspapers. 

Reporter Andy Marso was doing yeoman's work and somehow wormed an article by the copy editor's desk. The article more than four days after the internet swarm started was headlined "Kansas abortion debate heads to cyberspace: Governor, Senate president besieged by messages." 19 March 2012, Topeka Capital Journal
The person who made the first comment on-line about just what is going on here in Kansas, via the Texas Observer magazine had it right.  Unlike the ultra conservative arrogant snarks that usually flame on those pages, the eloquently detailed narrative of a distraught woman at a Texas clinic was right on the mark. Unfortunately it took a person from Texas, instead of Kansas to tell just what this pack of hypocrites in the Topeka Statehouse is up to.

It's right at the top of the comments where no one can miss it.

Whoever made that comment, could have once attended the Kansas clinics of Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus where I watched over the security of all who came, including the protesters.

Then of course, the Senate President who shares with Dr. Kristin the same hometown of Hugoton, Ks. was mentioned in Marso's article.

From the Topeka Capital Journal article by Andy Marso:
The ACLU described that portion of the bill as a license to lie and urged its members to email Senate President Steve Morris, R-Hugoton.
"Is that where all of those (emails) came from?" Morris asked Monday morning. "We've got about 10,000 of them."
One of his aides then notified him that the total was closer to 12,000.

He later said that wasn't the best way to lobby. 

Then again, wasn't he the one who emailed on state channels a sort of, maybe kind of "imprecatory" prayer for the death of another certain African American president? 

No, that was the guy in the other chamber from Hutchinson, whathisname, Speaker Mike O' Neal of the state House of Representatives, Sen. Morris stood by the Speaker after more than 40,000 petitions were delivered by two Kansas Christian ministers demanding his resignation for that emailed insult.

He didn't resign, reportedly made a joke about it, and apologized twice.

Sort of like Rush Limbaugh did about Sandra Fluke, third year Georgetown law student, who he called a "slut" and a "prostitute" and demanded videos of her on the internet having sex. I'm sure these two Kansas lawmakers listen to El Rushball, and will they learn what happened to him?

Now I ask you is that any way to act as state Senate President, or House Speaker, being so flippant about so many cyber-activists?

Let's ask them to take their cyber gloves off, since it doesn't seem to faze them any, they won't listen to reason, have any compassion toward Kansas women.

They even devise new laws to harm them and take their instruction from "pro-life" religious fanatics of the far right.  These political demagogues are more akin to the armed militias of the Koch - funded John Birch Society of the McCarthy Days, or the KKK from Ole' Mississip' during Reconstruction after the Civil War. These are not intelligent conservatives, Ike would consider them hicks.

Why doesn't Sen. Steve Morris openly assault his hometown native sister, Dr. Ann Kristin Neuhaus?

Instead of practicing as unlicensed medical doctors in the statehouse, posing as "pro-life" legislators just go after her like they did Dr. Tiller?

Instead he's having Brownback's other "pro-life" flunkies at the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts do it.

I'll tell you why they resort to such methods; it is because they rely on the silence of whispered gossip, they manipulate the ignorant, treating them as fundamentalist sheep and declare to them, "vote your  religion."

And if that fails incite them to violence against each other.

The witch hunt against Dr. Neuhaus and most pro-choice women fighting for reproductive rights in Kansas, complete with an Inquisition continues, "Welcome to Brownbackistan ..."

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