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Note to Kansas News Readers: "Unfair & Biased"

William Allen White Would Puke

 by Michael Caddell

Original article by Andy Marso, "Anti-Abortion Bills" Threat to KUMC Debated", March 26, 2012, Topeka Capital Journal

Note: Marso's article with the incorrect number of abortion providers was revised, again courtesy KFL, approximately four hours after posting at the paper's web site (linked above).  

Below my "updated" comment posted approximately four hours later when I unsuccessfully attempted to post it there. I have slightly edited three words since it was posted at the Capital Journal the original can still be viewed at the link provided below.

It is to his credit that he corrected and adjusted downward the number of licensed doctors who are providing early gestational abortions in Kansas.

It is not to his credit that he relies on the KFL for his sole sourcing for this number.

Note the added sentence: " ... KFL says five doctors currently perform abortions in the state. The blog says 13 of the 24 doctors to perform abortions in Kansas since the group began tracking them in 1992 were either KU Med grads or taught at the school. ..."
Stalking would more accurate than "tracking." 

It is well documented that KFL and Operation Rescue, Wichita, Ks. have been deeply involved in threatening abortion providers and the Ob/Gyn's in this state (even over the use of the benign DNC after a miscarriage).

KFL also makes the spurious claim that Marso echoes:
" ... The organization advocates KU Med separate itself from abortion training entirely. Its executive director, Mary Kay Culp, said in a March 15 news release that watching an abortion is not necessary to learn how to manage pregnancy complications, citing 'expert medical advisors.' ... "

Here we have again, like so many in the state legislature all the way up to the governor, unqualified opinions without professional medical training whatsoever being reported as fact.

When the reality is medical training must go beyond textbook reading, or lectures, but directly to the hands-on work of providing health care to patients.

Mary Kay Culp of the KFL, Gov. (Dr.) Brownback and a great number of state legislators dominate these pages, unnecessarily, because the "War on Terror" in Kansas has become a war on medical doctors and scientific practice.

Medical professionals have long been fearful of expressing honest opinions to reporters in Kansas about the necessity of safe, legal abortions, much to the damage of people (male and female) across the state who desire complete control over their biological reproductive capabilities.

That underlies Reporter Marso's and Culp's sudden downward adjustment of the number of physicians known to provide early gestational abortion procedures. The single provider of safe, legal second and late third trimester abortions was murdered after a third assassination attempt.

The printing presses of the Topeka Capital Journal have already went on record, with the incorrect number, Marso and Culp have adjusted the numbers and people have been misinformed.

Marso never bothered to quote the rare members of the legislature who supports reproductive choices for people in this article.

Of course, if he chanced such a decision in Topeka's single daily newspaper, he would court disfavor with Culp, Brownback and their religious lawmakers in the statehouse.
Access for reporters is important, especially to the stingy and arrogant power holders in Topeka, but to rely on them alone does not offer a fair article.

To misquote the "Rev." Rick Santorum, "It would make William Allen White vomit."
Radio Free Kansas 3/26/12 4:56 PM

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