Thursday, May 10, 2012

Joan Wagnon: Passage Of Irresponsible, Reckless GOP Tax Bill Will Cost Almost $4 Billion @ Kansas Democratic Party

TOPEKA - Kansas Democratic Party Chair, and former Kansas Secretary of Revenue, Joan Wagnon released the following statement in response to the passage of a GOP-tax plan that Kansas Legislative Research estimates will cost $3.7 billion:

“The tax plan passed today by House Republicans is a fiscally reckless plan that places Kansas’s future in peril,” Joan Wagnon, Kansas Democratic Party Chair said. “Governor Brownback and Speaker O’Neal chose to stand with big business and the wealthy, passing income tax breaks at the expense of working Kansans and school children. The tax plan forwarded to the Governor’s desk will create huge deficits and strip funding from our schools.”

“Even the Tax Conference Committee recognized that this tax plan shifts the tax burden from wealthy individuals and businesses to wage-earners, raising taxes on lower and middle income Kansans. By ignoring the consequences of this bill, sixty four House Republicans turned their backs  on Kansas families, penalizing those who work for a living and earn a wage.”

“Governor Brownback claims this tax bill benefits small businesses, but that’s simply not accurate. Large corporations and businesses stand to benefit from these tax breaks. Koch Industries, one of the wealthiest corporations in the country has more than 25 LLC’s whose partners will benefit directly from paying no Kansas income tax. One large Wichita bank will pass through its profits through to its 100 shareholders who will pay no income tax. These are tax breaks for big business who receive special treatment - that’s irresponsible and unfair!” 

“When Governor Brownback stepped into office he introduced the single largest education cut in our state’s history, forcing school districts to lay off teachers or shut down community schools entirely. Instead of restoring school funding and ensuring Kansas students receive a quality education, the Governor has put tax breaks for the wealthy ahead of strengthening Kansas schools.”

“Kansas Democrats believe we need more support for our classroom teachers, fewer disabled Kansans stuck on waiting lists, and targeted property tax relief for Kansas homeowners. Kansas Democratic legislators have listened to their constituents and worked from day one to make these priorities a reality and will continue fighting for good schools, good jobs, and a fair tax system and against special interests.”

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