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31 May 2012
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Breaking: Edwards not guilty on 1 count; mistrial declared on other 5 counts 31 May 2012 After 9 days of deliberation, a jury has found John Edwards not guilty on one of six charges of campaign finance corruption brought against him. A mistrial has been declared on the other five counts. After initially announcing Thursday that it had reached a unanimous verdict on only one of six charges against Edwards, the judge sent the jury back to continue deliberations on the remaining five counts. Shortly after that, the jurors said they were deadlocked on those counts, at which point the judge announced a verdict of not guilty on the third count against Edwards, which charged that he had accepted and received illegal campaign contributions in 2008 from Rachel "Bunny" Mellon.

DHS Analyst's Desktop Binder --Department of Homeland Security National Operations Center Media Monitoring Capability Desktop Reference Binder - 2011 Posted by 31 May 2012. (Downloadable version.)

US military to launch Plan X cyberwarfare 31 May 2012 US Department of Defense has engaged in a scheme to develop technologies aimed at enhancing its cyberwarfare potentials, waging effective attacks and countering retaliatory measures. The Pentagon has turned to the private sector, universities as well as computer-game companies for the previously unreported venture, dubbed Plan X, marking a fresh phase in American military operations in cyberspace, The Washington Post reported Thursday. The plan X project has grown out of the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency that plays a key role in harnessing computer power to help the US military wage war more effectively, according to the report.

With Plan X, Pentagon seeks to spread U.S. military might to cyberspace 30 May 2012 Plan X is a project of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency... The five-year, $110 million research program will begin seeking proposals this summer. Among the goals will be the creation of an advanced map that details the entirety of cyberspace. Another goal is the creation of a robust operating system capable of launching attacks and surviving counterattacks. The architects of Plan X also hope to develop systems that could give commanders the ability to carry out speed-of-light attacks and counterattacks using preplanned scenarios that do not involve human operators manually typing in code.

And, on the latest episode of 'Criminal Minds:' Obama OKs kill lists used in drone strikes 30 May 2012 US President Barack Obama personally approves the names put on the "kill lists" used in the targeted killing operations carried out by American assassination drones, The New York Times reports. According to the report published by the paper on Tuesday, every week or so, more than 100 members of the country's national security team gather via secure video teleconference run by the Pentagon and go over the biographies of suspects in Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan, and "nominate" those who should be targeted in the attacks. Obama is then provided with the identities of those put on the kill list and signs off on every strike in Yemen and Somalia as well as the risky strikes in Pakistan and decides when to attack a terror suspect.

No. 2 U.S. Commander In Afghanistan Would Like 68,000 Troops Into Next Year by Tom Bowman 30 May 2012 This week in Afghanistan during an interview, the No. 2 officer went further. Lt. Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti said he thought the U.S. should maintain that 68,000 troop number into next year. Those troops, he said, will be needed to continue combat operations against stubborn Taliban safe havens, especially in eastern Afghanistan, and to train Afghan troops. Scaparrotti also said the Afghans next year will be taking control in districts around the country that are still troublesome, so the U.S. may be called on for more help [to protect the opium routes].

Ahmadinejad: 20% enrichment, Iran's right under intl. law 30 May 2012 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said enriching uranium up to 20 percent is the Islamic Republic's right under the international law. "Producing 20-percent-enriched uranium is our legal right, although, we are not interested in making use of this right," Ahmadinejad stated in an interview with the French news channel, France 24 in Tehran on Wednesday. The Iranian president noted that under the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) regulations, countries wielding 20-percent enriched uranium should have supplied Iran without preconditions.

Julian Assange given 14 days to challenge extradition ruling 30 May 2012 Julian Assange's fight against extradition to Sweden may stagger on to a second round at the supreme court after he was granted permission to submit fresh arguments. Despite losing by a majority of five to two, his lawyers have been given 14 days to consider whether to challenge a central point of the judgment on the correct interpretation of international treaties. The highly unusual legal development came after the supreme court justices decided that a public prosecutor was a "judicial authority" and that therefore Assange's arrest warrant had been lawfully issued.

Anonymous warns Canada Grand Prix fans of fresh plot 30 May 2012 Hacker group Anonymous is threatening another attack on Formula One during the Canadian Grand Prix on June 10 in support of protesting Quebec students. They have warned potential attendees to the event that they might be able to access their credit card information via the F1 servers. Anonymous is firmly behind the students across Quebec voicing their anger against their government's proposed hike in tuition fees, with protests now into their 107th day. Notably, Anonymous are against perceived human rights injustices following an emergency law introduced on May 18 known as Bill 78 that 'restricts freedom of assembly, protest, or picketing on or near university grounds and anywhere in Quebec without prior police approval'.

Japan Moves Closer to Restart of Nuclear Plant 01 Jun 2012 Japan's prime minister has said he may order the restart of one of the nation's idled nuclear plants as early as next week, as local leaders around the plant on Thursday signaled their willingness to drop opposition to the restart. Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has scrambled in recent weeks to persuade local leaders to allow the restart of two reactors at the Ohi nuclear plant. They would be the first two of Japan's 50 functional commercial reactors to go back online after last year's accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

Nuclear reactor shut down for inspection following discovery of cracks in turbine 31 May 2012 (PA) PPL Corp. shut down Unit 2 at its Susquehanna nuclear power plant near Berwick on Wednesday to inspect the unit's turbine blades for cracking following the discovery in April of cracks in Unit 1 at the plant. The Unit 1 cracks were similar to, though less extensive than, those found and repaired on both turbines in 2011. Unit I remains out of service, although, the company says it is preparing to restart Unit 1 in the near future.

San Onofre Power Nuclear Plant Operated For Decades With Vulnerable Backup Power 29 May 2012 The troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant operated for three decades with equipment that might have temporarily cut off the plant's emergency power supply in the event of an earthquake, government filings revealed Tuesday. The disclosure by Southern California Edison about a possible backup power problem comes amid a probe into excessive wear on tubing that has sidelined the seaside plant for nearly four months.

GOP ex-Rep. Hoekstra: FBI, CIA should vet candidates' citizenship --Hoekstra: 'An FBI person, maybe a CIA person and one person managing those two people' to run proposed department 30 May 2012 In an address to a Michigan Tea Party group in early May, former Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.) called for a government office to verify presidential candidates' citizenship and lamented Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) opposition to questioning President Obama on his birthplace. When asked about Obama's birthplace, Hoekstra said he wanted to see a three-person governmental panel check candidates' legal credentials to be president.

Deals with banks stack fees on college students 30 May 2012 It took Mario Parker-Milligan less than a semester to decide that he was paying too many fees to Higher One, the company hired by his college to pay out students' financial aid on debit cards. Four years after he opted out, his classmates still face more than a dozen fees - for replacement cards, for using the cards as all-purpose debit cards, for using an ATM other than the two on-campus kiosks owned by Higher One. Colleges and banks rake in millions from the fees, often through secretive deals and sometimes in apparent violation of federal law, according to the report, an early copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press.
Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, another federal court rules 31 May 2012 From California to Boston, the legal storm over gay marriage is moving swiftly and inexorably toward the U.S. Supreme Court. A Boston-based federal appeals court on Thursday put yet another legal dent in the federal government's ban on same-sex marriage rights, saying the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional because it denies equal benefits to gay and lesbian couples. The unanimous three-judge decision was the first federal appeals court ruling invalidating federal same-sex marriage restrictions and could wind up as the case that pushes the gay marriage question to the Supreme Court sometime this year.

Edwards jury reaches verdict on only one of six counts 31 May 2012 The jury deliberating in the criminal trial of former U.S. Senator John Edwards has reached a unanimous verdict on only one of the six counts against the North Carolina politician, the jury foreman said on Thursday. U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles said she would decide within minutes whether to order the jury to continue deliberating on the remaining counts. The two-time Democratic presidential candidate faces federal campaign finance charges stemming from his 2008 presidential bid. [And yet, war criminals George W. Sociopath (Waterboarder-in-Chief) and Obusha (How's that 'Kill List' coming?) walk free.]

Satire: Drone hunting craze to replace weekend skeet shoots --The Drones Shoots are a newly celebrated sight. By Sheila Dean 24 May 2012 Gun owners and skeet shoot enthusiasts are buzzing over the latest in what locals believe to be a pre-paid craze. License applications for hunting Predator B and police UAV drones have skyrocketed since FOX commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano announced Drone Shoots as the new race to an American Patriot declaration... Local municipalities are welcoming the boost in tourism and revenues as licensed drone hunting commences.

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