Sunday, June 17, 2012

TRNN This Week June 10 - June 15

Egypt Moves Towards Outright Dictatorship
Jihan Hifaz: Supreme Court disbands Parliament and brings back emergency powers; Real News crew temporarily detained
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Euro-Crisis Used to Destroy Social Contract
European adjustments are not the product of a mistake, but a design to break down some of the leftover architecture of the Cold War, which might be called the insurance premium that was paid against conversion to communism.
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June 14

Greeks Face a Momentous Decision
Costas Lapavitsas: If Syriza wins coming elections and does not fulfill its promises, face up to leaving the Euro, it will open a path for far right
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Hundreds Rally to Fight for Philadelphia Public Schools
Philadelphia communities outraged by austerity and school privatization
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June 13

Marching in Memory of Khaled Said, Protesters Call For Election Boycott
"The Military Council is trying to stick us between two candidates, so we've created a third option: boycott the elections or spoil your vote"
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What I'd Ask JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon
Robert Johnson: We are unlikely to hear tough questions from Senate Banking Committee as JP Morgan is their biggest campaign contributor
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What Would a Green Industrial Strategy Look Like?
Robert Pollin: Shifting spending from the military-industrial complex to a green economy would create more jobs and build a sustainable industrial base
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The Best of Larry Wilkerson
TRNN's collection of Larry Wilkerson interviews
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June 12

Egyptian Men and Women Protest Sexual Harassment
After several violent attacks against women in the heart of the revolutionary Tahrir Square, male and female activists organized a protest against an issue that is rarely talked about in Egypt.
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Five "Indisputable Points" About Human Caused Climate Change
Jeff Kiehl: There has been a breakdown between scientific information and effective public policy
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Will Military Budget Cuts Weaken Defence and Lose Jobs?
Bob Pollin: Cuts triggered by the Congressional sequestration process are not as big as Pentagon spin and military spending is an inefficient "job creator"
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June 11

Reflections on Wisconsin
Report on film "We Are Wisconsin", featuring Brian and Melissa Austin; active police officer and a housewife turned activist
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America has an Industrial Policy - It's Run by the Pentagon
Bob Pollin: We need an industrial policy aimed at jobs and a green economy, not massive public spending on the military
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Israel and Women's Disobedience
Social TV: Israeli women who disobey the movement restrictions the state is forcing on the Palestinians are being threatened and made targets of investigations of the police
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June 10

Who Wants Peace in Colombia?
Forrest Hylton: The far right is not interested in a peace process
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Climate Change: Hasn't Warming Happened Before?
Valérie Masson-Delmotte: Warming that took place during medieval times and earlier is not the same phenomenon that is happening now
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Did Social Over Spending Cause the Euro-Crisis?
Carlo Panico: Most media pays no attention to scientific economic literature
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