Friday, July 06, 2012

Chuck Mertz & Crew: "This Is Hell, Chicago!" @ WNUR FM 89.3

Tomorow morning, on an all-new live four hour completely uninterrupted by anything This is Hell! bitter blind broke gap-toothed radio show host Chuck Mertz interviews Al-Monitor's Laura Rozen on Syria and Iran, The New York Review of Books' David Shulman discusses 'being an illegal alien in your own land,' and Mother Jones' Tom Philpottdissects agriculture and climate change.

The Radical Pessimist, Kevan Harris, gives us a piece of his mind.

John K. Wilson talks politics.

Jeff Dorchen delivers a Moment of Truth.

Johnny HapAlex Jerri and Spencer 'Thunderball' Thayer produce Saturday's show.

Johnny's the proprietor of Rootstock Beer & Wine Bar, 954 North California Avenue, in Chicago.

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Remember, Monday through Friday it's Chuck's blog TheNine Circles of Hell! at Noon! posted at

Today's Nine Circles of Hell! at Noon! includes Syrian general under house arrest defects, Clinton talks tough on Syria, and takes shots at both Russia and China, police teargas Sudanese protesters, the misery of South Sudan and its refugee camps, violence targets Mali's kids, IMF worried about economy, and Fukushima disaster 'man-made.'

Every weekday evening during the US national nightly TV news, Chuck tweets his thoughts @thisishellradio

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