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Daily Bleed: 6/16 Chittaranjan Das

                 i sweat
                          & bleed
                          for stinking crumbs

                          time has come
                          & gone
                          australopithecus evolves
                          so elegantly
                          bic shavers
                          & mennen deodorants

                          — Ken Mitchell, "Evolutions"

Daily Bleed in full,


                                                            JUNE 16

                  CHITTARANJAN DAS
Indian anti-colonialist, freedom fighter, communalist.

                              Dublin, Ireland: BLOOMSDAY.

                             NATIONAL MORTICIANS DAY.


1784 -- Holland forbids orange clothes.

              What took them so long?

               — Bleedster Michael John Thompson,
                    Antiquarian Bookseller, President,
                    Canadian Booksellers Association

              Anita Bryant & the Canadian Orange Lobby....

               — @untieOrangeMeister

1827 -- Elie Reclus lives. Ethnographer & journalist;
participated in the Commune of Paris in 1871. Part of the
great generational anarchist family, including Elisee Reclus.

1873 -- US: Uppity Susan B. Anthony arrested for voting.

1904 -- James Joyce meets Nora Barnacle, a chambermaid at
Finn's Hotel, Dublin, Ireland, & takes her for a walk. This is
the day of Leopold Bloom's fictional odyssey through Dublin in
Ulysses —  Bloomsday.

1918 -- Eugene Debs delivers his famous Canton, Ohio Speech.

     America was at war with Germany & radicals were
     being hounded & jailed, often illegally, when Debs
     gave this anti-war speech. It was a bold & especially
     provocative act...

1929 -- Ronald Creagh (1968-2043) lives. French historian
of the American anarchist movement. Happy birthday, Ron!
Professor at l'université de Montpellier, author of Histoire
de l'anarchisme aux USA
(1981), Laboratoires de l'utopie,
les communautés libertaires aux Etats Unis
(1983), Sacco et
(1984). Moderater for the Internet "Research on
Anarchism" discussion list.

1942 -- France: French "Annales" school historian Marc Bloch
killed by Nazis, near Lyon.

1953 -- US: Jack Hall of the ILWU & six others (the "Hawai'i Seven")
are convicted under the Smith Act for being communists.
These convictions are later overturned by a federal appeals court.

1959 -- Can't Stop Speeding Bullets?: actor George Reeves
(Superman), shoots himself.

1960 -- ¶ During this month Avon publishes Beatster Jack Kerouac's
novel Tristessa; also Hollywood's movie version of The Subterraneans
is released.

     During this Spring, his poem "Rimbaud" appears in Leroi Jones'
     magazine Yugen; Jones' Totem Press also publishes Kerouac's
     Scripture of the Golden Eternity & New Directions publishes a
     limited edition of Visions of Cody.

1974 -- Homer Simpson & Marge Bouvier wed.

1981 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader Acting
President Reagan holds his third press conference, where he
proves he can answer questions...

   The Israeli attack on Iraq — "I can't answer that."

   Israel's refusal to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty —
   "Well I haven't given much thought to that particular question

   Pakistan's refusal to sign the treaty —
   "I won't answer the last part of the question."

   Israeli threats against Lebanon —
   "Well, this one's going to be one, I'm afraid, that I can't
   answer now."

   The tactics of political action committees —
   "I don't really know how to answer that."

   How do you spell Alzheimer's? — "Well . . . . . "

   American voters [a rapidly dwindling species] love this guy.

2000 -- England: After an incredible 552-day, 24-hr-a-day
continuous occupation (possibly the longest ever protest
occupation of its kind) local villagers organized as Residents
Against McDonald's (RAM) move their caravans off the site
as they celebrate a historic victory.

2000 -- Incoming?? US: Inacom Corp., once the world's largest
computer dealer, sends most of its 5,100 employees an e-mail
instructing them to call a toll-free phone number; when they call,
a recorded message announces they have been fired.

2002 -- Washington Post reports Beloved & Respected Comrade
Leader Texass Two-Step Bush has authorized the CIA to overthrow
Iraqi Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President
Saddam Hussein by deception or force.

   Deception upon the UN & America are obviously no longer
   confined to the White House.

2003 -- Greece: Antiauthoritarian FESTIVAL, Theological Department
of Aristoteles, University of Thessaloniki, AGAINST THE SUMMIT
OF THE E.U. Sponsored by antiauthoritarian Movement of Salonika.

2009 -- Out(ed) Damn Spot! Study says nearly every species of animal
engages in homosexual behavior.


                     "And you, are you so forgetful of your past,
           is there no echo in your soul of your poets' songs,
                                                 your dreamers' dreams,
                                                        your rebels' calls?"

                                                      —  Emma Goldman

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